Rexona Whitening 7 Days Challenge!

A rather short update from my last review post ( about Rexona Women Whitening Roll On. I just finished my Rexona #Whitening7Days Challenge! ^^v
As you might already know, dark underarms could cause a lot of fuss. Making you feel conscious and uncomfortable when going to a salon or a date, stopping you from wearing sleeveless clothes or that cute swimsuit of yours are just some of many! >_<
Well, sweat no more *literally*, Rexona Women Whitening Roll On is here and it’s mission is to help lighten your underarms in 7 days*!
*Based on clinical trials in 2008
If you haven’t read my review post about Rexona Women Whitening Roll On, here’s what I thought after 3 days of using it:
Now, after 7 days of using it, I can gladly say that my underarms DO look brighter! So the product does live up to its claim. XD And the fact that it is safe to use, the lovely scent, the drying and softening effect are totally a bonus for me! *happy for finally finding a good skin care product for my underarms* *HappyEndingUnderarms*
Alright then, thank you for reading and I wish you a great day ahead! ;D
*waving hands in the air*
Jessica Yamada

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