Disturbingly Cool Alcatraz E.R. Restaurant (Shibuya, Japan)

Some of you might have seen a tiny glimpse of Alcatraz E.R. restaurant from my Instagram video:
Click play to watch 😀 ↑
Now, let’s take a detailed look at what this restaurant has to offer! 🙂
It wasn’t that hard to find this wacky place in Shibuya. Although we did have our share of doubts, because it’s located down a quiet street surrounded by hotels. And some of them were Love hotels. -___-
But hey! Thanks to Google Maps, WE FOUND IT!
When we saw the building, we thought it was closed because there was no signs of life whatsoever (haven’t entered the building but already felt creepy fml). There was an Alcatraz banner though, so we decided to enter anyway.
The restaurant is located on the second floor inside this eerie building, so we had to ride the slow dim-lighted elevator first.
As we stepped off the elevator, there was a dark, narrow, filthy hall with three to five empty chairs, blood-splattered walls, and a red carpet that read “Alcatraz ER” laying on the floor.
And there were these four buttons you need to press to get into the restaurant! 😀
It said to press your blood type, but all buttons work the same.
↓ After you pressed it, the door on the left side will open. 🙂 ↓
The decoration of this place was insanely cool! They really pay attention to detail and live up to their gruesome medical-prison theme! #japanisthebest
↑ Cute photos of the staffs! ↑
↑ WAH, I just realized there was something written on the bottom left corner of the wall: “You are the man who can take me away from home.” LOL! ↑
One of the highlights:
The jail-cell dining rooms!!
↑ Worry not, there are normal seats available if you are not comfortable sitting on a tatami mat. ↑
↑ Closer look at the cell. Oh yeah, you have to take off your shoes and slip into sandals before you enter the cell. ↑
There was also a VIP cell with a bigger space and pink decor! Kawaii max <3 And how cute are the Japanese? They posed without having me to ask. ^^
↑ How to get attention from the waitresses? Hit the bars with the pipe provided! xD ↑
↑ The waitresses are dressed as (sexy) nurses. All of them were super friendly, this one even asked me about Indonesia and how eager she is to visit Bali 😀 ↑
// F&B //
↑ They have Japanese (pink) and English (yellow) menu! ↑
↑ Was very surprised by the relatively cheap prices of the beer, cocktails, and dishes here! ↑
↑ Can you spot Nasi Goreng (Indonesian food which means Fried Rice)? hehehe…
The Blue Curry also looks tempting, but we were still full from our last meals so we just ordered some drinks and appetizer. ↑
They have many interesting cocktails with funny names and odd display, see for yourselves!!
Before the waitress handing it to us, she drizzled syrup on top of the “penis” first and asked me to LICK it! Lolll
↑ Both of them were surprisingly tasty! ↑
↑ They also came with a cup of snacks that were supposed to be our “medicines” hehe… ↑
Popcorn Chicken! ↑
↑Shōchū to keep our bodies warm. ↑

↑ Their most popular cocktail served in bloody mannequins’ heads haha, sorry I forgot the name! Brain something. ↑

↑ If you are not entertained yet, they also perform various “shows” where they turn off the lights (without notice), and suddenly you can hear the siren went off, loud music, and there are some men in clown masks holding a plastic axe, screaming and running along the corridors. One of them even ENTERED our cell and hit my head with his plastic axe several times! XD ↑
↑ The toilet is located outside the restaurant (before you press the “blood type” button). They make the atmosphere so scary wtf, I mean look at the walls and this mummy statue placed just before the toilet area:
↑ Inside the toilet which was empty by the time I entered it FML. Didn’t even dare to look in the mirror. ↑
↑ The cute check that looks like a doctor’s prescription. ;D ↑
WEBSITE: Alcatraz ER
ADDRESS: Dogenzaka, Shibuya, 150-0043, Japan

I really miss walking down this street, it’s so serene and not crowded at all. 🙂

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Peterpan Collar Denim Top (as inner), Mustard Cropped Sweater, Green Plaid Midi Skirt, Vintage Purse Bag | Amble Footwear Shoes | Hat and Sunglasses bought from Shibuya109
A lot of you have been asking when will we launch the next GOWIGASA collection, the answer is we still don’t know the exact date and time, but we will announce it on GOWIGASA Instagram and Twitter. So, stay tuned! It will be a collection not to be missed. 😉 

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