Preppy Colorful Style TIPS + Joker Game WAKUWAKU JAPAN Movie Review

Some essentials you’ll need for this colorful preppy look:
1. Grid / Plaid / Checkered Shirt or Blouse (preferably dark colored)
2. Bright Colored Outerwear (could be a cardigan or a sweater)
3. High Waisted Flare Skirt
4. Opaque Tights / Stockings (preferably dark colored)
5. Bright Colored Shoes
6. Bright Colored Hand / Shoulder / Tote Bag

Hal-hal penting yang kamu butuhkan untuk tampilan ‘colorful preppy’ ini:
1. Kemeja motif kotak-kotak (kalau bisa yang berwarna gelap)
2. Luaran berwarna cerah (dapat berupa kardigan atau sweater)
3. Rok berpotongan pinggang tinggi / dipakai pas di pinggang yang mekar / mengembang
4. Stoking tebal (kalau bisa yang berwarna gelap)
5. Sepatu berwarna cerah
6. Tas tangan / bahu / jinjing berwarna cerah

• For layering style like this, be sure to wear lightweight pieces so you won’t end up bulky
(unless bulky effect is what you’re after ^^)
• You can wear a cropped outerwear like mine, or you can tuck it into your skirt
• Try not to wear too many prints at one time
• A pair of opaque tights would give classier effect than sheer tights for this look


• Untuk gaya layering (bertumpuk) seperti ini, kenakan baju atau pakaian yang tipis agar kamu tidak terlihat gemuk
(kecuali efek ‘bulky’ adalah yang kamu mau ^^)
• Kamu dapat memakai luaran model crop / pendek seperti yang saya pakai,
atau kamu dapat memasukannya ke dalam rok
• Hindari memakai terlalu banyak motif dalam waktu yang bersamaan
• Stoking tebal dapat memberi kesan lebih mewah dibandingkan stoking tipis untuk tampilan ini
The difference between sheer to thick tights | Perbedaan stoking tipis ke tebal
Source (sumber):
I wore this outfit on our work trip to Japan last year:
You can stalk the said journey here: #ellejessinjapan instanture (short from Instagram adventure ^^b).
#OOTD (outfit of that day)
GOWIGASA Minty Cropped Sweater, Grid Chiffon Shirt (avail in Mint), Floral Perforated Leather Skirt
Kate Spade Quilted Bag | Maroon Polkadot Stocking from Japan | Comfit Yellow Suede Heels


Anyway, Elle and I recently watched this thriller Japanese movie Joker Game (ジョーカーゲーム) on WAKUWAKU JAPAN TV Channel (#168).


Simply put, Joker Game
tells a story of high school students in their 12th year going on a
camp. One of the “chosen” classes is going to spend three to four days at an
empty school building following the rule
that was made by the Japanese government for the purpose of having a better
generation for Japan, which is smart and have high IQ.
For the selection itself, they have to play a game called Joker Game. In which, those who win this
game is considered a good enough generation for the future and can go home
directly, while those who lose will be sent to some kind of training camp that
is so strict that their life will often be in danger.
When they got inside that empty school building, their homeroom teacher started to lecture them on how this game works. Well, this game is
actually popular even among us Indonesians (I have played this game countless time in my
childhood). In a nut shell, a deck of cards will be dealt to the students
including the Joker card in it and they have to exchange their cards with other
students. When you collect the same card (a pair) from other students, then you get to throw these two cards away (your total cards will be decreasing). In the end, all the cards will be thrown away, leaving a single Joker card. The student who has the joker card at the end of the game loses and
will be sent to the training camp. If they decided to rebel or skip the game, there will be a death penalty.
In my opinion, this movie is similar to Battle Royale (also a Japanese movie), in a lighter and un-sadistic version, therefore quite boring. The actors and actresses’ performance are also so-so, nothing compared to Battle Royale. The same goes for
the plot. But for those of you who have not watched Battle Royale, this can be
an interesting movie with its fairly unique idea. Some scenes can also make
your heart goes thumping because you will keep guessing who will be holding the
joker card at the end of the game, who is going to survive and who is not, and
whether or not those who lose can survive.


One of the actresses is a crew of AKB48 Rie Kitahara
(Chinatsu). I personally think all the guys in the movie are nothing but
boring. Whereas my favorite actress will be the friend of Chinatsu, her real
name is Yui Koike. Although her character in this movie is najis (a
girl who is willing to give her all for a guy she likes) but she is really
pretty! Here you can take a look at her pic:
You guys should watch it when you get the chance!! Stay tuned to WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel at Indovision / Okevision for more awesome Japanese movies ahead! 😀
Okay then, thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to leave some comments and see you guys on mya next post~ (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada

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