I Feel Good

My mom once told me that wearing nail polish and perfume can boost her mood. I can never understand that as I’m not a fan of those beauty products. My perfume, for example, has been with me since 2009!! I only have ONE perfume and just wear it on special occasions. I wonder if it’s expired yet. Still smells good though! *sniff2*

Anyway, for me, it’s always been wearing bright colored outfits! 😀
Every time I feel sluggish or not productive, I push myself to change my clothes to the bright colored ones and it instantly gets me in a better mood! ♫ James Brown – I Feel Good ♬

Well, usually if it doesn’t work I’ll just go for some cookies.


What I Wore: GOWIGASA Mint Cropped Knit Sweater and Blue Fit n Flare Midi Skirt | Forever21 Mint Purse | Topshop Necklace | Amble Footwear Pink Shoes
How about you? What puts you in a good mood? 🙂
Elissa Yamada
  1. Love the colour combo! And we are alike on the perfume thing, haha! I don't even own a perfume right now! Crazy right? I should be getting one! And bright colours make me happy too! Great look!

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