Fontana Hotel Bali Review

Fontana Hotel Bali
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When we first got an invitation from Fontana Hotel Bali, we were charmed enough by their website. But when we really got there, boy it was like entering a postcard.


Poolside nirvana
Came right at these koi fishes’ lunch time
Welcome drink by the pool!


Located in Kuta, one can absolutely say that this affordable four-star hotel is like a hidden oasis in this euphoric area. Just the perfect place to relax and unwind after such a weary journey.
Oh, hello!

This fluffy fella welcomed us to…
Our sweeeeet suite room for the next two days! ♥


Okay, are you seeing what we’re seeing…?

Pic credit:


DAMN RIGHT BABY! An in-room bathtub!! Noyceee.
Turn left and you’ll find the regular bathroom with rain shower, etc. ^^
WE ALSO WANT a TV that tilts to our bed in our own bedroom!! Preferably one that tilts and shut down automatically when we fall asleep after watching FRIENDS or Game of Thrones. Ok wishlisted!

A room with a view~

Elle enjoying the poolside 🙂

♡ Life is good ♡
Portabella Bistro

Lunch at Portabella was one of the nicest lunches we ever had! Hats off to Chef Vittorio Negri, the 2nd Winner of HELLO BALI’s Chef War who was directly ‘imported’ from Naples, Italy to stay at this beautiful, warm Italian bistro, cooking these exquisite delicacies for us.

Antipasti | Amuse-bouche Welcome Bread
White dinner roll, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cauliflower cream and vegetarian lasagna. Portabella serves different creations of amuse bouche everyday. It’s a complimentary and not listed in the menu. We love the vegetarian lasagna – the ones on the spoon so much!

Soup Borneo King Crab Soup
Crabmeat, leeks, dill-flavored oil. Although the aroma was not so strong, the soup’s texture was rich and the meat filling was generous.

Jess’  pick  Tuna Volcano

Spiced seared tuna loin rare with black olives tapenade and caponata. This was extra, extra delicious. The fillet was very fresh and nicely done, the complementing vegetables and toppings made the whole combination perfectly scrumptious.


Elle’s  pick  | Tagliatelle Lobster
Handmade tagliatelle pasta in light cherry tomato sauce and lobster fillet. The best part of this delicious meal is that the meat was already removed and cut into small, yummy chunks, spread all over the aromatic pasta.


Refreshing, healthy beverages  | Orange and Peach & Tri Berry Smoothies
The left one is Orange and Peach. It was *obviously* made of fresh orange and peach, combined with yoghurt, milk and honey. The Tri Berry Smoothies was a healthy pack of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry whipped with yoghurt and fresh mint. Both drinks were served in tall tumbler glasses. They’re kinda heavy for those who prefer mineral water or iced tea to accompany their lunch, but they surely were yummy and refreshing!
The very cute and *literally* fluffy Chef Vittorio Negri! WE LOVE HIM! He’s so friendly and funny, too! Would love to take him home~~ XD XD
The Pinocchio-inspired restaurant itself was very stylish and filled with antiques from all over the world. Apparently, the owner of this hotel has a good eye for collecting unique, artsy pieces and some of his collection were displayed all over the hotel. Like, all over! Even in the corridors like this:


The next day, we were greeted by the glorious. hotel. breakfast.

Egg Benedict with Ham and Toast | Runny eggs are the best!!
No, seriously. The breakfast buffet outrightly exceeded our expectation because they had so many to offer, like this selection of pastries, for example!
OR this crazy delicious selection of PANCAKES~!! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡

Honey Glazed Cup O Cappuccino, anyone?

Happy sisters!

Being there at Hari Raya Nyepi (Balinese traditional event “Day of Silence”) where everyone, including tourists are not allowed to go outside, the hotel offered some special programs that guests can enjoy like: Movie Shows, Discounted Spa Packages, Cooking Class, Making Canang (Balinese Origami Class) and Traditional Balinese Dance Class.

Cooking Class with Chef Vittorio Negri | Mom said that the cooking class is more like an eating feast because the lovely chef made so many delish dishes in front of the *hungry* participants (and of course they can eat the result) hehe
Balinese Origami “How To Make Canang”


Movie Programs

 They were all so interesting but we could only do one or two activities due to the limited time! >_< So we chose to do THIS instead:

YEAP, we learned how to dance Balinese Dance, yo! *whoop whoop*


Okay the teacher’s coordination was very exotic and ours were… very pathetic lol
It’s really not as easy as it might seem!! XD
When the teacher was teaching someone else, we saw this cutie which turns out to be one of those collectible antiques which belong to the hotel’s owner:

Just take pictures with it lah hahaha!

Anyway, the short class was a great choice indeed because it was fun and it helped us burn our breakfast calories away! Prepped us good for our next treat:
Suma Spa
Taking a few steps from our room, we headed to Suma Spa, a serene sanctuary built on top of the hotel. To get there, we took an elevator…
 This way to heaven, Sir.
 Yes, we’re kinda territorial. 😉
The refreshing welcome drinks + cold pressed towels to aid the hot, hot day!
Before the treatment started, we were asked to do this:
Choose the scrub: Nourishing / Soothing / Radiance
Choose the massage oil: Passionate / Pure Relaxation / Uplifting
Fill in a form (regarding your health condition, etc.)
We both *telepathically* picked the radiance scrub and passionate massage oil lol!
And now! It’s finally time for the SPA~~~~~
Excuse the drowsy, ready-for-spa face.
The spa began with us taking off our clothes, wearing only provided disposable underwear instead. After lying down, our backs were covered with a sheet. The masseuses rang a bell and thus begin our treatment. First step was body scrub, followed with towel cleansing and feet-body-head massage. Our masseuses were experienced and the massage was great. Unfortunately, it was too fast to us (we’re used to 5-6 hours spa packages whenever we’re in Bali). After the massage is over, the masseuses left the room so we can take a bath or a shower.
Massage beds for two
Bathtub filled with pink and red flower petals
 Shower amenities
Aromatherapy bowl filled with cinnamon sticks and aromatic spices
 Vanity cabinet where guests can tidy up
After-spa beverages & rattan sandals
Last day of this trip! >_<

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Got invited to a special lunch with Chef Vitto and the general manager of the hotel.

This time, the lunch took place at Portabella’s terrace; which has more minimalist, urban feel than the first floor.

Signature Cocktails Berry Merry Mule & Coconut Mojito
Complementing the hot afternoon, lunch started with the serving of these fresh cocktails. Served in a classic copper mug, the Berry Merry Mule (the left one) consists of gin, lime wedges, mint leaf and topped with ginger ale. And on the right side, we have Coconut Mojito which consist of white rum and coconut liqueur, combined with fresh mint and lime.
Cocktail | Mimosa Cocktail

Served in a champagne tulip glass, the main ingredient comes from champagne combined with orange juice. This one might look like an ordinary light cocktail (or even like a simple orange juice? lol), but one should not underestimate it because apparently it was very strong! ^^;


Amuse-bouche Swordfish
Pan seared swordfish fillet, served with lemon grass water and portabella sauce. Although this one was delicious, we liked our first amuse-bouche (the one with vegetarian lasagna) better. Maybe because we’re too lazy to chew so we like soft food better. ;D
First course Tuna Tartare
Raw tuna chunks dressed with lemon garlic, topped with watermelon, served in orange and capers soup resulted in this amazing, refreshing treat! The fresh tuna and watermelon created a surprisingly delish combination.
Main course Ossobuco
Cooked in Milanese style and served with saffron risotto resulted in this fragrant, satisfying meal. The juicy veal shank was also very tender and superb due to the three hours cooking process!
Main course Linguini Negra
The Sicilian style house made linguine pasta was cooked with squid ink to color it black. To make it whole, it was topped with Borneo crab meat and cherry tomato sauce.
Main course Calzone Ripieno
Now this one was actually a…….. PIZZA!!!
We know, right!?? The topping becomes the ‘inning’ for this unique Italian dish! Peppered with tomato, mozzarella, ham, black olives, salami and mushrooms, it was actually a deep fried or oven baked stuffed pizza.
Dessert Green Tea Cake
Layered with white chocolate mousse, this green tea ganache was so soft and fragrant. This ‘light’ dessert was said to be the ladies’ favorite.
Dessert Tiramisu
A classic Italian recipe with mascarpone cheese. This one was good but not so different with any other Tiramisu we ever had.

Dessert Hazelnut Praline topped with Ginger Flavored Chocolate
Okay words cannot describe how sinfully delicious this bittersweet dessert was.
Thank you so much Chef Vitto for sealing our last day in Bali with these well-prepared amazing treats!!
Fontana Hotel Bali
Jl. Dewi Sri No.68, Kuta – Bali, Indonesia 80361
t: +62 361 8947100  f: +62 361 8947123


With Executive Chef Vittorio Negri of the Portabella Bistro – Fontana Hotel Bali
All in all, our short yet relaxing trip to Bali was really great and memorable, thanks to Fontana Hotel Bali for the kind invitation. And of course to Suma Spa and Portabella Bistro for the luscious treats! Ah… writing this post totally makes us miss Bali. Gotta go back ASAP! xD
  1. very great review and the photos are amazing! 🙂 enjoying every photo in this blog, what lens are u using? everything looks good, especially the food. the first photo of u two looks like beautiful twin sisters 😀 usually i never feel like u two are similar, because each of u has different style, but the first photo in this post is finally make me think, yes they are really similar 😀

    Lovely Castle

  2. I know Elle's strawberry dress! It's from Henry Holland for Debenhams wasn't it? What size are you wearing Elle?

  3. This is an awesome review and I love how you took the view as also the resort photos! Looks amazing! I wish I can book a ticket right now and fly right away to Bali. Too bad Bali is just so far away from Korea. I have 4 days holiday from my University and planning to go to have some holiday with my boyfriend but we still haven't decided where to go! I wish I can go to Bali though after seeing this post! And this is actually my first comment in your blog even though I have been following your blog for years! Can't wait for your next blog post xx

    Love always,

  4. This post brings back the sweet memory! Me and my husband also stayed in Fontana Hotel for few days after CNY. I enjoyed our experience there. Too bad we didn't manage to try the spa or dinner from Portabella as we were busy to go around. So happy to read about Fontana again nonetheless, definitely will come back to Fontana if we fly to Bali next time! Oh btw…this hotel also quite close with Krisna Department Store. It's an awesome place to shop. ^_^

  5. Amazing review, such an eye candy, couldn't take my eyes out of these beautiful pictures, the atmosphere looks soo relaxing…oh and the outfits are so cute, loved the dress with strawberry prints on it…Will keep in touch through bloglovin, coz I just started following ur cool blog and would like to invite u to visit my blog and u will decide if u wanna follow or not 😉

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