What to Wear: Casual Business Meetings + 5 Tips!

You know those days when you are meeting someone for a business discussion in a cafe or restaurant? You start thinking to yourself, “Is this a meeting or a lunch? Are we going to talk about business or do they want to get to know me first? But most importantly, WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?”
There are various types of business meetings and you got yourself the “Casual Type” meeting. It can be quite tricky because you don’t want to look too serious, but you also have to maintain a level of professionalism.
Today I’m going to share with you the outfits that I would wear for casual business meetings! 🙂
I Beige Your Pardon
Tips #1: Do not over dress. Don’t wear a business suit or anything too fancy unless you want to look like a pompous arse.
Tips #2: You can let your hair down but make sure it doesn’t look like you just got out of bed. I’m a firm believer that your hair is part of your outfit! 😉
Tips #3: Keep it simple on the accessories for a clean, professional look.
What I Wore: GOWIGASA Cream Fuzzy Knit Sweater and Plaid Pencil Skirt | C&K Bag | Topshop Necklace | Comfit Heels
Not Everything is Black and White
Tips #4: If you want to play with patterns, keep them to your bottom half. Keep the top half plain and simple. And vice versa.
Tips #5: Do not dress down too, of course. A casual-type of business meeting is still a business meeting. No t-shirt with inappropriate messages, no sweatpants, no ripped clothing, and no sandals!
Remember: A meeting is truly casual when you are with your good friends. 😀
What I Wore: ALL GOWIGASA (new items!)
I hope my tips work for you! And if you have more tips on what to wear for casual business meetings, please share them in the comments below! xoxo
Elissa Yamada

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