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What software do you have in mind when you have to do a paperwork, say like… a school essay, a presentation, a budget report, a contract / agreement letter, etc.? I myself have to say Microsoft Office because I’ve been using it since 2001!! Yes, it’s been 13 freaking years, ladies and gentlemen, our relationship goes WAY back. ^^v
The thing I’m gonna share to you today is that Microsoft recently launched a new, cloud-based product:
Yes, designed especially for us, high mobility individuals who travel a lot or like to work outside the office and NEED to get the paperwork done without the fuss; Office 365 Personal is now available in store with very affordable price. The IDR 71,999* package includes ALL seven Microsoft Office daily heroes: Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher.
*monthly auto-renewal package price
**the 1-year auto-renewal package price is IDR 719,999 /year

Complete top features you’ll get out of this deal:

• 1 year subscription includes the latest full Microsoft Office applications
• Office on 1 PC or Mac plus one iPad or Windows tablet
• Easily access your docs with Office Mobile apps for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones
• Free 20 GB OneDrive online storage
• Free 60 minutes Skype calls per month for over 60 countries
Pretty neat, huh?
So anyway, few weeks ago I was invited to Office 365 Personal launching event at Crematology Coffee Roasters, Jakarta. I was also being asked to be one of their key opinion leader (KOL), together with Arif Rahman, a very famous yet friendly Indonesian travel blogger; sharing our opinions about the product on public. Being a loyal user of Ms Office (as I mentioned before ^^), I eagerly joined the opportunity and became one of the first few lucky peeps to own and try out this awesome product!
From my experience using Office 365 Personal, I gotta say that the feature I like the most is the synchronized data that allows me to use across devices.
Yup, as the presentation sheet says up there: “Go mobile. Stay productive.”
I travel quite a lot and this synchronization feature would really help with my blogging activities; not to mention managing my online store from a distance! XD See, I had this problem when I was in Hongkong a couple months ago. I needed to send my assistant GOWIGASA‘s daily finance report so she can proceed with the shipping. But it was an unexpectedly hectic morning so I had no time to do it until I reached the MRT. So, among the crowd inside the train (I was lucky I got a seat!), I pulled my laptop out of my luggage (needed to skip to another town that morning), found that it only had 13% power left (O_O;;;), dimmed the monitor light to the last bar, did everything in a flash and……… luckily managed to send it right after the power reached 2%! *whew*
Well anyway, imagine if I had this Office 365 Personal already then, I wouldn’t have to go through all those troubles! I’d just do it all on my phone and send it in a jiffy. Wait, I wouldn’t even HAVE to send it because it automatically syncs with my PC back home (okay, my assistant doesn’t have the access to my computer but I can always ask my brother to copy the file and give it to her ^^)! Saves a lot more time and energy, huh?
P.S. The free Skype calls would also help a lot with the business, while the large *also free* 20 GB online storage PLUS additional 7 GB SkyDrive personal cloud storage allows me to roam around without my USB. It also lets me compile large sized photos and files securely before finally printing them on paper or publishing them to the blog. ┌( ˆヮˆ )┘

Took a quick OOTD shot and then…

A cute barista (the one on my left) came over and asked me to take a group picture before I finally took off. ^^v
Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next post~ ;D ♡
Jessica Yamada

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