Jess’ New Hair Cut ♡

It’s been a while since I got a hair cut (last time was on December 2013) and so my hair had become so messy and shapeless(?) when I don’t style it. So I went to the salon! 😀
Hello, new hair!
Bye bye, ugly hair (soon)!
Salon of choice:
Sugi Purmawan Salon
Taman Kedoya Baru, Jl. Akasia VIII B X no.12, Jakarta 11520 | Ph. +62 21 581 3501 (closed on Monday)
This salon is my mom’s favorite and I first went here at 2006 for my *ahem* rebonding (remember that Meteor Garden’s Sancai style?) lol. My 2006 pics are not here but this 2008 pic will do:
…because since that 2006’s cut + rebonding, my hair had always been like that haha. Before that, it was always short (shoulder length max) and I always tied it up. So THAT 2006 hair cut + rebonding at Sugi Purmawan Salon was the turning point for the tomboy me for becoming the girly me lolol. Hair style really affects your personality, y’know? ^^v
After that, I decided to color my hair, grow my bangs, then it becomes like my today’s hair. I knowwwww right? My hairstyle choices are very boring. ^^;;; T_T
Okay then, let’s get started!
After getting my hair washed. Aunty y u look annoyed.
Still after the hair wash. Aunty no longer annoyed.
One of many reasons I like going to this home-based salon was that Sugi provided so many (and up-to-date) Japanese Hairstyle Magazines and he himself is an expert in Japanese haircut style. I mean he knows how to layer and all that stuff. Nowadays, though, he prefers using his iPad and a pretty familiar website called Google to let us customers browse and browse our desired look lol. “Magazines was a waste of money,” he said, “and hairstyle trends change rapidly. This is a much better way!” lol couldn’t agree more. And that lontong up there? Best.
Chop chop.
I told Sugi I didn’t want to cut my hair short, “I want to keep it long, but layered for more volume.” I also asked him to cut my bangs slightly.
And so he did.
Unlike those sok ide (know-it-all) hairstylists who always end up cutting your hair shorter than you asked for or making your hair look hideous because, “I think this look will suit you best. Trust me!”, he always does what he’s asked for, or if he thinks some look will suit you better, he will ask for your permission first, because it’s your hair, afterall.
 After final hair wash. Aunty no longer there.
Getting my hair styled by Mr. Sugi himself!
…aaand DONE!

Final Look

// Front Profile //

// Side Profile //


// Back Profile //


Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next post~ ;D ♡
Jessica Yamada
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