Welcome, Bolu!

Some of you might already know that we have a new family member now:
BOLU The Cat~~~♡

Name: Bolu
DOB: February 7th 2014
Race: Scottish Fold
Sex: Female
Weight: 0,704 kg

Bolu means Sponge Cake in Indonesian language. Elle and I chose this name because sponge cake (bolu) is soft and fluffy! It also sounds catchy and come to think of it, it could be an abbreviation of ‘BOla buLU’ (bola bulu is furball in Indonesian language). (ノ≧▽≦)ノ*:・゚✧

I was so, so, so excited when I learned that my boyfriend was getting me a cat for our 2nd anniversary gift! (≧▽≦)づ♡ He’s so terrible with surprises that he always spoil them before the right time but NOT this time! He managed to keep this “Kitty Operation” intact for a few weeks before I ruined it hahahahaha OMG.
So I have always wanted a cat since I was a kid, but my mom never let me keep one. But lately she’s been quite okay with it, especially since I told her to follow 8n21 (I knowwwwww, he’s very cute, right???) and other cute cats on Instagram. So I kept looking for ‘the one’ since my mom kinda gave me a green light lol. AND THEN, apparently my boyfriend secretly found this guy in Malang who’s selling his Scottish Fold kittens, so he decided to buy one for a surprise anniversary gift for me, secretly arranged the kittycat to arrive just at our anniversary day (May 21st). BUT as you can see from the conversation up there, I also happened to be kitty-browsing that morning lol + found a veeery cute one located in Depok + was going to see it first at the seller’s house. I have even WAZE-d the location because I was really going to see it that day. Knowing my intention, bf was like “……………” and forced to ruin the surprise by telling me that he already bought Bolu for me… and that she’s supposed to be my surprise gift that was going to arrive that night or the next day HAHAHA!!! Sorry, babe!! But how you always failed at keeping surprises is beyond me lololol!!!
Arrived in Style
…at Jakarta on May 21st 2014, in a very cute pink-yellow-mint box!
Who is it that hides behind those pink plastic bars……

♡ It’s………….. Bolu the jet-lagged cat~~~!!! ♡

Lol ok lah she rode a train but it looks like it wasn’t a nice trip ahaha.
3rd frame: “Mommy, not now, okayyy…”
4th frame: “Oh well, if you can’t help it, just take it quickly, then. *cool girl’s pose*”
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ BABY GOT BACK ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
After a few moments, we took her to a vet for her very first general check up! XD


On the Road
Quite a traveler, isn’t she?

My heart. skipped. a beat.

General Check Up

She was diagnosed healthy *YAYYY* but she had a bit of tapeworm situation in her tummy (^^;) so the doctor gave her a medicine right away. Her ears were kinda dirty, too (they’re still dirty now, but I’m currently giving her Ilium Ear Drops as suggested by docdoc, so hopefully her ears would be clean soon!), hence the ear cleansing pics above lol. She’s so cute when she looks grumpy like that!

Picture Time with Mommy!

GOWIGASA Pinafore, Top (upcoming collection!)
P.S. GOWIGASA is launching New Collection VERY SOON on Monday, June 2nd 2014 at http://gowigasa.com/shop/all/all. Save the date, girls~~~(ˆヮˆ)づ♡
So precious and so small!

*kisu kisu*

BOLU SO PRETTEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playful Bolu…

…scratched mommy really quickly! *hence my smiley ouch face* ^^;;;;;;;

Naughty furball

It’s okay, though~~~~~ Mommy still loves you very very much!

To me…

…you will always be the kitten who came in this pink plastic box, no matter how much you grow up later, Bolu! ♡

BONUS VIDEO I recorded that night!! She’s such a bundle of joy!!!

AND THOSE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh, thank you so much baby for such a precious, precious gift!!!!!!!! To think that I FINALLY own a cat and to add to my happiness, it’s the type of cat that I’ve been drooling for (again, mostly because of this fatty fluff 8n21)!!! I’m so touched omg. So grateful. *#nowplaying Korean drama song*

Anyway, before Bolu’s arrival, mom and Elle went overseas and haven’t returned home yet so they just asked me to upload or send as many pics and videos as I can! They seem to adore her so much and cannot wait to meet her! I also cannot wait for Bolu to meet them~~~ O(ˆヮˆ)o♡♡♡
Grow happy and healthy, my dear bola bulu Bolulu!

Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next post~ ;D ♡
Jessica Yamada
  1. Awww, hope she has a great life you your family! And that basket is sooo cute and perfect for keeping kittens! It seems like yesterday that I picked up my cat that was a stray when I picked her up. She didn't look anywhere as cute because she was starving but now she's the cutest fat little thing!

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