The Best Place to Watch World Cup 2014

Finally, after waiting for 4 years, here comes…
*drum rolls*
WORLD CUP 2014!!!
Before you start being all like, “What Elle and Jess know about football anyway?”
We DON’T. Not a single thing. We don’t know how a player got a corner kick. We don’t know what is considered as fouls. We like Messi but we don’t even know where he’s from. (Do we even spell the name right?)
We only enjoy, as shallow as it might sound, the handsome players, the funny slow-motioned faces that the angry coaches make, but what makes this event even more special to us is the ENERGY that comes from it! Like, EVERYBODY celebrates it offline and online which makes us want to be a part of this celebration!
But just like a lot of you, our highest concern is to find the perfect place to have a great time watching the game. And after much consideration, we chose McDonald’s as the winner for these 5 reasons:
When we watch an exciting match, we want to watch it in the coziest ways like we do it at home, where we can dress casually and sit comfortably so we can concentrate on the match rather than worrying about the little things. We also don’t want any disturbance while we’re enjoying the game, like mosquitoes or dirty environment. At McDonald’s, you don’t have to worry about any of that; you can enjoy the game to the fullest! 😀

Being in a place where there are many football themed decorations surely makes us even more excited than we already are! xD

Look! Even the waiters and waitresses are all dressed up!
We just found out that McDonald’s has been an Official Sponsor and the
Official Restaurant of FIFA World Cup for 20 years!! Whoaa :O


We don’t know about you, but we ALWAYS feel like something’s missing if we watch anything without FOOD. And who can resist McD’s world-famous french fries or burger? Especially NOW since they’ve launched their new mouth-watering menu special for world cup like these ones:
// French Fries with Shaker (Brazilian Salsa or Roasted Beef) //
This is not like the usual french fries out there because it comes with a delicious SHAKER which makes the taste sensation way better!

// McSpicy Peri-Peri Deluxe //

This is hands down the BEST burger we’ve ever tasted from McD! It contains of spicy boneless crispy chicken topped with cheese, tomato and special peri-peri sauce!




 // Guava and Raspberry Fizz //

A bit too sweet for our taste, but still really good to cool down the summer heat!
We’re telling you, you DON’T want to miss this special menu because they are LIMITED only for this event (until July 13th)! We do hope McD will make them permanent members of the menu though!
As we all know, football matches last for at least 90mins, and that my friend, calls for a LOT of food and drinks, and that can mean a lot of money, but NOT at McDonald’s! McD has the most reasonable price where you can satisfy your bottomless pit without having your wallet suffer too much.


With many branches around the world (34 in Jakarta alone), you can easily spot McD near your location! Imagine if you have to drive home 100 miles after a tiring match, especially if your favorite team loses.

Yep, all the red dots are McD! 😀

5. 24 HOURS
For this year’s world cup where the air time is not very friendly (01:00, 03:00, and 05:00 WIB, wtf), it’s kinda hard to find a place to watch and enjoy the game without having your parents or neighbors yelling at you for yelling at the TV. Fortunately for you, McD opens 24/7 so it won’t be a problem anymore! You can yell “GOOOOOAAALLL!!!” all you like!

If that isn’t enough for you, McDonald’s also teamed up with Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. and Trigger to create an Augmented Reality app that will give you a fun experience with a virtual trick-shot challenge!

The name of this app is “McDonald’s GOL!”
It’s available for download in the Google Play store and Apple App Store. 🙂

↑ Example of the challenge. We did it wrong though! The fry box was supposed to be the specially-designed one, like this:
↑ In celebration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, McDonald’s unveils 12 French Fry boxes designed by artists from around the world that reveal an Augmented Reality trick-shot challenge. ↑
Ok, we’ve reached the end of the post! We hope you enjoy the world cup 2014 as much as these fans do! xD ↓
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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post about World Cup. Just a tip about those who don't live in countries that stream world cup online. You can use UnoTelly to remove the geoblock and stream World Cup 2014 in your country free

  2. did both of you get endorsed by MCD? lol, kidding2. :P. i quite agreed with some of your points, but the tittle cannot be the best place to watch WC, since the best place shud be in the BRAZIL WC stadium itself XD, the tittle shud be " ONE OF THE CONVENIENT AND NICE PLACE TO WATCH WC" LOL

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