Floral Perfume

Okay I did this photoshoot for endorsement / sponsorship purpose at first, but I ended up liking all the pictures so MORE THAN THREE PICTURES IS ELIGIBLE FOR A BLOG POST, RIGHT??? ((✧Д✧)/) Ahahaha YES.


Floral Perfume
What kind of perfume do you like? The one that has fresh fruity scent, strong sexy fragrance or powdery floral note? Well I myself have always been into the last one. I LOVE soft floral scents like rose’s, jasmine’s, lily’s… and it kinda confused me when I found out that a friend of mine in high school prefers fruity over floral scent *insert Jackie Chan meme here*.
This post won’t be complete without me confessing my favorite perfume of all time.
Ladies and gentlemen, please give way to:
VERSACE Eau De Parfum Natural Spray. Hands down the best perfume EVAHHHHHH*!!!!!!!!! *according to myself at least lol. Well if we share the same taste, then you might have tried one of these before: J’adore by Dior, White Musk from The Body Shop, Prada Infusion, Oriflame’s Delice, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Miss Dior Cherie, etc. Now these are all the good ones (the bad ones I don’t bother remembering the name), but THIS VERSACE Eau De Parfum beats. them. all. Trust me. Despite the serious look, this perfume actually smells fun, fresh, feminine, luxurious yet not overpowering… Gosh it really really really smells that good! Even my bf and my ex bfs always praise the scent lol *not that you need male approval to choose anything but it’s just THAT good!*. ;D
Been using this since 2008 until today. ♡
What I Wore: GOWIGASA Flower Denim Shorts, Lacey Top (upcoming collection)Okay, that’s all for today (that’s it?? God I LOVE outfit posts. Ultra minimum effort lol). Thank you for visiting and see you on my next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada
  1. Hey there! I'm just doing some bloghopping and I've passed through your blog.

    I just want to say that I've only been on your front page.
    I want to say that you and your sister are very beautiful people.
    (That McDonalds post—man, the food looked really good then!)

    In this post, this is a really nice style on you.
    So fresh and comfortable. I hope you were careful on those stairs!
    I hope you two keep up the good work; your blog is very neat.

    Have a great day!

  2. I'm sort of allergic to perfumes, or more like not supposed to use them, so I use things that are lighter like body mists. Currently, Victoria Secret's Pure Daydream is my favourite mist. You should definitely check it out, Jess!

    And ahh, you look so great in this outfit. This floral themed look really suits you well 🙂

    Please do check out my blog if you can. x

  3. my favourite is the body shop japanese cherry blossom. Have you tried that? it has nice floral scent too, the same kinds but manufactured by loccitane is much better but too expensive ������

  4. Lovely post 🙂 Wah, jadi mau coba Versace juga. Aku selama ini pakai Body Shop, hihihi, bukan tipe cewek yang "ngerti" parfume, jadi pilih yang di display aja. Thanks for sharing! 😀 xx

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