What Code? Yes Code! +GIVEAWAY♡

Howdy, girls!

Here to announce that there’s a new, uber cute lingerie parlor in town. The name is Yes Code (예스) and they came from Korea. Annyeong~~~ (ˆヮˆ)づ♡

Yes Code | Taman Anggrek Mall, Ground Level #G55, West Jakarta, Indonesia. Ph. +6221 5639493

Lavish, super girly waiting room!! Which should be a relief for tired moms, dads, friends, boyfriends lol.

All the decors are such eyecandy! ♡ See how you can also mix and match your bra straps with so many options up there! I don’t know about the DIY stuff (forgot to ask about it either), but maybe it has something to do with this* :

If it’s true, then it’d be so awesome! I mean, look at those pretty embroideries! I would like a bra with my name on it, please. x)
*pic and link taken from Yes Korean webstore

– – –
Two days after I posted this, my sponsor from Yes Code read about this DIY thing and sent me THIS cute panties with ‘Jess’ and two cats embroidered on it!! So sweet!!! X”D They use new technology for this, called ‘heat embroidery’ so it doesn’t itch. Talk about thoughtful.

Anyway, they said that this DIY embroidery service will be available on all Yes Code stores. But it’s not available yet until early October. One piece of embroidery will cost you as little as IDR 2,500 (yes, nocenggo). <3
– – –


Product Lineup
I like most of their designs because despite of the term ‘lingerie’ which is usually associated with ‘sexy’ and ‘seductive’ traits, Yes Code managed to make loads of them cute and youthful. There are even sporty designs, too! The materials used are high quality ones; such as Creora, Lycra, etc. which provide excellent comfort and fit for your body.

Here you can find cute collection…

Sexy collection… And also………….

Hahahahahahahahaha. I mean, come on!!! I was very taken aback when the shopkeepers showed me this and they were like, “Yes, so you can couple up with your boyfriend. Isn’t that cute?”. Lololololol

Note: Bra price range is between IDR 250-300k. Panties price range is IDR 95-100k.

So, the YES from Yes Code actually stands for “Young Emotional Story”. I wonder why. ^^;

One of their ambassadors is the beautiful Kim Ye Won. Take a look at her fun, catchy video here, wearing Yes Code lingeries, of course. ^^

Had a happy shopping experience! The two shopkeepers were nice and not intrusive. One of them was very helpful, too, helping me with the measurement and all. ;*
Mix and Match
01. Sport It Up

What’s what: Yes Code Sporty Girl Bra Color (스포티 컬러 여브라), Sporty Color Briefs (스포티 컬러 삼각팬티) | GOWIGASA Edgy Triangle A-Line Textured Skirt, Retro Flip Up Shades Black | Converse Sneakers | Varsity Jacket and Peace Black Bracelet were borrowed from Elle

02. Cutie Pie

What’s what: Yes Code Big Dots and Ruffled Shoulder Strap Bra (빅도트와 프릴어깨끈) and Big Dots and Ruffled Panties (빅도트와 프릴 팬티) | GOWIGASA Polkadot HW Skirt Blue | (X) S.M.L Sheer Blouse | Forever21 Red Bow Flats | Hair Bow from my Instagram sponsor | Socks were lost when I got home and I just realized that when I’m about to take this floor-ootd picture fml

03. Festive Season

What’s what: Yes Code Volume Over Magic Bra *lol* (매직볼륨 여브라) and Magic Volume Panties (매직볼륨 팬티) | GOWIGASA Acid Wash Shredded Denim Shorts, Fedora Hat, Sunglasses | (X) S.M.L Sheer Blouse | Ankle Boots from Japan | Bolu from http://instagram.com/boluthecat | Various bangles and necklace were borrowed from Elle ^^


Overall, the bras are very nice to wear, they don’t ‘squeeze’ my back fat (bra bulge be gone!), instead they PUSH UP my barely-there boobs. I was really amazed at their push up ability like ((✧Д✧)/). Yes, yes, they’re still small, but trust me, there’s improvement! ( ̄▽ ̄)b Some of their panties have the ‘seamless’ option and they really are seamless! Although you still have to consider the color of your clothes. If it’s a white dress, then seamless bright red panties still won’t make it, hon. 😉
All bras and panties are so pretty and having made of high quality materials, they’re all very soft and comfortable to wear. Aside from the Lycra and Creora, all bras also use High Flex Wire, so it won’t hurt when we move around elastically lol. For panties, you might wanna grab one size larger than your normal size, because the rubber might feel too tight, especially after binge eating lol. P.S. I always do this when buying panties. 😉

(Yes, they also have cute pjs selection!!♡)
This one I’m wearing is called Pinky Way Hopi Woman Pajama – 예스핑키웨이 호피 여파자마. It comes with that very cute, matching elastic bandana, too! Super super super LOVE!

Hot hot summer is here (actually it’s ALWAYS here in Indonesia lol), and Yes Code is giving away twenty boxes of this mini USB Fan to cool it up for you girls! (ノ≧▽≦)ノ*:・゚✧ Tell me in the comment box below which one of the above looks (Sport It Up / Cutie Pie / Festive Season) is your favorite and why do you like it and GET this Yes USB Fan PLUS a YesCode Voucher worth IDR 50,000 to be delivered to you by the end of the month! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Twenty (20) lucky winners will be picked randomly and each will get one (1) Yes USB Fan and one (1) Voucher!
  • The giveaway will close on 30 August 2014 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone)
  • Winners will be randomly selected and I will announce their names on 31 August 2014
  • Winner announcement will be made on my InstagramTwitter and Facebook
  • This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only
  • The prize will be delivered to each winners’ address of choice (Yes Code will take care of the shipping charge)

That’s right girls, just comment and WIN! ;D

Anyway, I wanna thank 290 of you girls who have participated on my last Giveaway here. and I’m gonna announce the three (3) winners NOW! ♡♡♡ Congratulations to these comments below:

Nelly, Dorara and Jacklin, kindly mail me at jessyamada (at) mail (dot) com to claim your prizes! O(ˆヮˆ)o

Bonus!! Photobomb by Bolu 

Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments, girls! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡♡♡

Jessica Yamada
  1. The cutie pie really suit you well.
    It makes you fresh and uber cute of course.
    Really suit if you want to wear a see through top on summer.
    I wish that they have bikini collections too ��

  2. I like Sport It Up the most!!! It looks sporty and girly at the same time, plus it's comfortable for those who don't want to expose their skin much but still want to be sexy. The lingerie is simple but it stands out because of the red color. Red can make you stand out without even trying, that's why I love red >,<

    Anyway, you rock all the looks! 🙂 thank you so much for the give away ci 🙂
    ig: mitears

  3. I thought you will give away the lingerie set XD lol.
    I was so surprised when read this post.. I didn't expect that you'll be so brave in advertising lingerie, ci *_*
    Anyway, I love the cutie pie coordination! ^^ so cute and sexy <3

  4. the sport it up is the one i love the most! (and it suits u perfectly) ^^
    because it looks comfortable to wear but you can still feel sexy at the same time.
    the other style were so pretty too! what a sporty-cutie-sexy mix and match ^^

    xx, Mercy
    ig : cicelymercy

  5. Of course the Look #2 Cutie Pie
    I'm a big fan of polkadots, so inlove with your mix and match XD
    You also look so kawaii in the set of cutie pie, make me wanna buy those kind of set for my next trip to Bali..
    I hope I will be as cute as you when I'm wearing these set, so my boyfriend will stay focus on me every second.. LOL
    Thank You for inspiring me, cie Jess and cie Elle.. <3

  6. I love the cutiepie one, it really suits you well….it's lovely, girly, cute, adorable and it has a bit of sexy scent onto it at the same time, hihihi…i love how you add the bow and those socks to complete the look, seeing you wearing it makes me wanna go to yescode and purchase it…i always love ci jess' and ci elle's fashion, you guys seriously could rock anything, will always support ci elle and jess, our pretty angels ��������

  7. love the cutie pie oneeee, because it's just really you! it kinda reminds me of minnie mouse, because of the color and the bow! XD aaaah so cute on you. i also love how honest you are for the review :DD you look so cute ci jess and i am so in love with your new hairrrr!! <3<3

    IG @michelleflorencia
    Twitter @ichelique

  8. i love Cutie Pie ( the Ruffle makes the bra more cute) and Festive Season. but if i have to choose, then i will choose festive season. lingerie combined with my fav gowigasa short @_@ looks perfect!!
    especially worn by you Jess. awesome combination <3

    IG: Chisaleith

  9. I really like cutie pie and sport it up~ The style are really gorgeous plus cutie and adorable. Esp the cutie pie with the polkadot, it looks more cute and thats attract my attention hoho pajama nya juga comfortable dan bagus kali dipakai sama ci jess. Suka deh!

  10. I'm so excited about this shop ! May I ask if they provide small size bras ? I really like the cutie pie, but my favorite is the pajamas 😀 Honestly, I rarely have pattern bras. But seeing this makes me want to have it hahaha Because I'm a petite, I feel kinda uncomfortable to go inside bras outlet 'cause they usually only provide big size 🙁 hopefully Yes Code provide petite size …
    xoxo , Caroline

  11. Hi! Ive been following your blog for quite awhile, and i find you really prettyyy (don't worry im not a perv am a 14 year old girl), i actually drew a picture of you but i have np odwa where to sent it to, so i made it my tumblr bottle picture! And about yes code, im quite excited since im quite new in wearing bras (hahaha) but the patterns are really cuteee, and i really love how you describe tthem as youthful especially im just starting highschool and its all about capturing your youthful moments!!! (but i dont think id wear outfits that would show the bra ha ha but it looks really great on you!)!!

  12. I think this is the first time you post lingerie ,but it looks good ci ^^ and I love boluuuuuuu ,such a fur ball.Btw you have a dog and cat right? Do they fight? Cause I have lots of dogs at house ,they all mini snow pom but I love cats too I want to adopt one ,wonder if they get along well.
    Oh ya I'm joining the giveaway ya ci ,I really like cutie pie one.Suits you really well ,it looks so kawaiii and sexy at the same time.with the red ribbon ,it completes the look by adding sweet and cute touches.i wonder how do you mix and match outfit that well . I'm not a fashion person so have to learn more from you ^^
    Nice post ci Jess ♡

  13. Sport It Up is the best! Looks comfortable but still sexy and catchy. Plus point because it's red and makes you looks moreeee sexy. Mixed well with shorts and tied shirt like what you did. ^^
    I also like Cutie Pie and Festive Season, but Sport It Up really is the best ^^ and the pajamas looks so comfortable, I want it too! XD
    Anyway, you really rock it all <3

  14. Jess y u always give hard choices T___T
    But after a loonggg consideration I would have to say I love Cutie Pie most. Say yes to matchy matchy polkadots! <3

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