Skin Inc Singapore (Event + GIVEAWAY!)

Last month we got invited to Singapore to attend this fabulous, *literally* colourful event held by Skin Inc.
Let’s start with,
the day we arrived.
We landed in Singapore at around 9pm local time and headed straight to our stylish hotel, Sofitel So Singapore, to check in.
There was actually a dinner event at Pince & Pints at 8pm, but unfortunately we couldn’t catch an earlier flight, so we had to miss it!
…and by “it” we meant this mouth-watering lobster!!!
Photo credit: x
Sooo sad as we heard many good reviews about it! ;___;
Definitely a-must-visit place for our next trip to Singapore!
Anyway, back to the hotel.
The lobby was decorated with Skin Inc’s fun and colourful bottles, as you can see below 🙂
After we received our room key, it didn’t take us long to get to our room, and look what we found there:
A very sweet and generous welcome from Skin Inc Team! Thank you! 🙂

Our first plan was to sleep right away so we could wake up early the next morning, but suddenly we were told that Aimee Song and her sister, Dani Song were at Ku Dé Ta that night! So, we rushed to change our clothes and went down to the lobby where our transport was waiting to take us there.

As we stepped off the elevator and walked towards the hotel entrance, we saw this group of five stylish girls walking towards us anddd, two of them were the Songsters!!!

And what did we do? We just smiled awkwardly at them and kept on walking wtf. Guess we were too nervous that our mind went blank. Then suddenly, we met our friend, Monica–who came along on this trip with us, near the lobby entrance and she told us that she already took a picture together with Songsters! And then she asked us if we wanted to do the same, well, YA-HA?!

And so, we turned back, called them (they were waiting for the elevator) and without further ado, asked for a picture!

Our very first #songsterssandwich! xD

After that, we went to Ku Dé Ta for some drinks til about 2am…

The next morning, we had our breakfast at Xperience Restaurant.
Truth is, we were running late so each of us only had time for an omelette and a glass of orange juice (and some photos, lol).
Skin Inc Event at ION SKY
At around 10am we departed from our hotel lobby to Skin Inc press conference at ION Sky, Level 56 Ion Orchard.
When we reached there, the place was already packed with familiar faces from the Internet, and they were all so stylish!
Like these gorgeous girls: (from L-R) Dani Song, Velda Tan, and Aimee Song.
Before exploring the place, let us take a picture in front of their iconic bottles first. 😉
The first area that we checked out, lol.
(Pardon us, we didn’t have a proper breakfast, remember?)
Next! Checking out their signature product: A custom-blended serum 😀
Jess showing some love for Skin Inc ♡
After about 30 minutes of exploring the place, it’s time for the press conference:
The opening speech by the founder and CEO of Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan.
The reason why she started the company was because she wanted to find a solution to her eczema-prone skin, and now (since 2007), the business has grown from one store in
Singapore, to 17 outlets across 16 cities worldwide!…and, and, it’s also the first Singapore brand carried by Sephora! :O

Such an inspiration, isn’t she?

She also explained that, in this era where women are empowered, many of us are working our asses off to pursue our dreams, that we often don’t get enough time to take care of our skin especially with A LOT of beauty products (toner, moisturiser, serum, etc).
And that’s when Skin Inc comes to the rescue with their customised serum,

“My Daily Dose”!

In just ONE bottle, you get everything you need to take care of your skin! What a great concept!

A clearer picture of “My Daily Dose”.
“Skin Inc’s patented technology boasts a unique concept of customising serums to suit individual needs and keeps the active ingredients in each serum enclosed in moisture-rich seaweed capsules which are suspended in a paraben-free solution.” –x


Aimee Song giving her testimony about Skin Inc products and the facial treatment.
The Japanese doctor behind Skin Inc.
↑ Jess consulted with the doctor about “My Daily Dose”, which led us to:
…our first #SKINcheck!
At this point, you should already be familiar with the concept of “My Daily Dose”.
So, in order to get that ONE bottle that contains our very own customised serum, we must first take a #SKINcheck 🙂
The purpose of SKINcheck is to know what exactly are your skin problems, what would you like your skin to be, what are your bad habits that might harm your skin, your age, where do you live, etc., so they can create a serum that meets your skin’s specific needs, such as anti-aging, brightening and hydration.
Funny thing was, there were 5 persons from Indonesia and we took the SKINcheck separately, but ALL of us had the SAME result!! Loll, so we guess our environment plays a powerful role in our skin’s health, eh?
If you’re curious about your skin’s needs, take your #SKINCheck here. 🙂
You just need to answer some simple yes/no questions!
Interested to try the serum?
Join our GIVEAWAY at the end of this post! 😉
Aimee Song’s #OOTD ♡
Selfie from 56 floors up! 🙂
Jess opted for pastel that day 🙂
Our #OOTD!

Indonesian team! 😀
With the super cool and hilarious, Song Dani! She reminds us of our own cousin, Valen (who aspires to be a hairdresser too btw), so much!! haha, we love her!
We first knew this lady from Instagram (@belluspuera) and we’ve adored her since! Her beauty, skin and style are just impeccable♡ Oh, and she’s also the co-owner of the restaurant we’ve mentioned earlier, Pince & Pints!

Closing the press conference event coverage with this selfie! (Monica – Jess – Elle).
Thanks, Mon, for being so helpful during this trip. 🙂
After a fun session at the press conference, Skin Inc team invited all the media and bloggers to have lunch together at Paradise Dynasty, Ion Orchard. We were seated in a round table for 10 persons and after about 15-20minutes we just realised that we’d been sharing table with the peeps from Indonesian magazines! 😀
Anyway, this restaurant is known for its colourful xiao long baos which have different flavours for each colour!
Here’s the complete list of the flavours. We only tried the Foie Gras, Truffle and Crab Roe, and they were so delish!!♡
Facial Treatment at Skin Inc ION Orchard
FINALLYYY, time to get pampered!! xD
During the treatment 🙂
DONE! Our skin felt so fresh after the facial. Fyi, the treatment was PAINLESS, because unlike the usual facial, they don’t use the acne extraction techniques.
Inside the Skin Inc outlet.
Hair Styling
After an hour of pampering our facial skin, our hair seemed to demand the same attention. So, off we go to Salon Vim!
˚⁺✧* The results *✧⁺˚

With Monica again 😀
Last selfie before going back to the hotel!
Thank you, Salon Vim for styling our hair! We will come back for sure!♡
Eh wait, Jess has actually come back a few weeks ago. Read her full post here about her new hair colour done by Salon Vim 🙂
Dinner + Rooftop Party
Before going to the party, we had a chance to taste the creative dishes of the Michelin-starred guest chef, Yuichi Kamimura!
This one was Jess’ but she forgot the name. :/
Elle’s: Lobster & Scallops Laska Risotto. Both of them were sooo tasty, as expected from a Michelin starred chef! 😀
Ok, now that our tummies had been filled, up we went to the rooftop!
When we got there, people were already busy taking selfies with the Songsters, lol.
↑ Love the beautiful scenic backdrop! 🙂 ↑
Enjoying our drinks by the pool, shying away from the crowd. (〃▽〃)
Got introduced to Mae from!
Despite her cool and edgy look, she was actually very friendly and funny! We also found out that she has a variety show called “Miss Korea – I’m MAE” by InsiteTV! If you love Korea and are curious about living there by yourself, you should check out the show here! It’s a fun way to learn about Korean culture. 🙂
Aaand, look who else we met there! THE Ladyironchef (Brad Lau) and his beautiful wife who is also a blogger, Melody Yap!
If you haven’t heard about him (which we doubt), he’s a very well-known food blogger from Singapore that even our mom follows him on Instagram, lol! She often says, “I want to take good pictures like Ladyironchef that make people drool!” …mom, please. (-___-;)
Anyway, they were so kind and humble! We hope to meet him, his wife, and Mae again sometime in the future.
Fave pic from that night!
Last Day 🙁
There was only a few minutes left before we had to leave for the airport. So a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Taking pictures!!
Loving this Game of Throne-esque spot!

Jess saying goodbye to the cute silver pug at the hotel lobby! 😀
Overall, we had a lot of fun during this trip and met a lot of awesome people, too! Thank you Gushcloud and Skin Inc for sending us here. ♡♡♡
We are pretty sure you’ve read a lot of good reviews about Skin Inc’s customised serum, “My Daily Dose” apart from our blog, and now YOU have a chance to try it out yourself by following the simple rules below! 😉
Simple rules to join:
1. Follow our blog via Google Friends Connect
2. Each of us is unique and we all must have a favorite color. Tell us in the comment box below what color do you like the most and why do you like it + your email address
Three (3) lucky winners will WIN SKIN INC My Daily Dose Customized Serum worth S$ 170 (IDR 1,600,000) each — what’s in each bottle: Hyaluronic Acid serum, Ceramide serum and Licorice serum (see all functions of each serums here).
  • The winners will be picked randomly and get one (1) bottle each
  • The giveaway will close on 25 August 2014 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone)
  • Winners will be randomly selected and we will announce their names on our next blog post about our favourite Skin Inc products
  • This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only
  • The prize will be delivered to each winners’ address of choice (we will take care of the shipping charge)
Have fun and good luck! ;D
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  1. Hi Elle&Jess,

    My favorite color would be MINT ! Since, the color is a combo of blue-ish tone which give you a cooling sensation when looking at it , with green-ish tone that splash a refreshing bits to the color,. I really love it! . Email:

    PS: The company I worked on was planning to open SKININC franchise previously, but it hasn't been done yet. So I'll be delighted to try on those samples! Hope that I'll win 🙂


    1. Pengakuan tulus dari saya sendiri IBU ENDANG WULANDARI .saya mau mengucapkan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga,serta dan rasa kagum yang setinggi-tingginya kepada KI KANJENG DEMANG,saya kerja sebagai PEMBATU HONGKONG selama 9 tahun di HONGKONG ,dengan gaji lebih kurang 2.jta 5000.ribu /bln,tidak cukup untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sehari-hari,apalagi setiap bulan harus mengirim uang dikeluarga di jawa barat, sudah lama saya mengetahui roomnya ini, juga sudah lama mendengar nama besar AKI, tapi saya termasuk orang yang tidak terlalu percaya dengan hal seperti itu, jadi saya pikir ini pasti kerjaan orang iseng tetapi kemarin waktu pengeluaran, saya coba2 pasang angka 6D benar2 tidak percaya dan hampir pingsang,angka yang di berikan KI KANJENG DEMANG ternyata fositip tembus, awalnya saya coba2 menelpon, saya bilang saya terlantar di HONGKONG, tidak ada ongkos pulang,terus beliau mebantu kasih angka 6D, lansung saya disuruh mendaptar jadi member mulanya saya tidak percaya, mungkin angka ini keluar, tapi dengan penuh pengharapan saya pasangin kali 100 lembar, sisa gaji bulan ternyata tembus….!!!sekali lagi terima kasih banyak KI KANJENG DEMANG, saya sudah kapok kerja jadi pembantu,rencana minggu depan mau pulang aja ke jawa barat,,buat AKI,saya tidak akan lupa bantuan dan budi baik AKI. yng berminak ingin minta angka goib silakan hubungi KI KANJENG DEMANG Di Nomr ini 081-234-666-039 terima kasih….????>>>ATAU KLIK DISINI

  2. i love all bright colors, but my all time fav would always be pink. i remember buying clothes, stationery or basically just everything because of the color (read: pink). I have never discovered the reason, but i guess it's the girlishness pink always shows and its attractiveness <3

  3. my favourite color is coral because it color has a mix between pink and orange ^^ also because it is a mix of mine & my bf fav (mine was pink and his was orange) I also found out that coral color look more bright but still feminim. (not too bright like the orange but still look girly) so yeah~ i like coral/ peachy tones (esp when choosing lip product)

  4. Hi Elle & Jess☺

    My favourite colour is lilac. This colour always enchanting for me. The pinkish side of it give such sweet and soft tone, also i can almost smell pretty floral just by looking at the colour 🙂 The purple side restraint it from being too girly, it gives the colour power so it feel mature and mysterious. Such a perfect blend!

    Love, Christie

  5. Hi Ci Elle and Ci Jess ^____^

    My favorite color is basically pink, but I like red too in some situations (like if I there's no pink, lol). I really like pink especially pink which is a bit red, like redish pink (?). Based on this catalog ( the pink I like named amaranth, and I also like brink pink ^^

    I like pink because for me, it's the sweetest color on earth. Like it can helps me show my girly side without much effort, because I'm actually a shy person but I want to show myself to others. I feel good and confident if I wear pink ^___^

    Thanks for this chance! Glad to share this with you two ^___^

  6. My favorite color is navy blue, like thundering cloudy night because it matches almost everything as for clothing. It's not regular blue, but it's not dark blue either, it's in the middle, just like myself. I'm half outgoing, and half shy. I'm half games, and half serious. It's a color nobody can criticize, and it's a color that means business.

    Lots of love,

  7. Yellow will always be my favorite color! its perfect for me, because yellow is like a sunshine, and we can't live without it, yellow color always make me feel happy, because the color is so cheerful, joy, and give me a spirit for my day. and as i know in psychology yellow can suggest impatience, criticism and cowardice. so, yellow will always be the best color for me, and my day 😀

    email :

  8. Hello~!! Whenever i see the sky or ocean it gives me peaceful feeling, relaxing and calming. Even when i had the most annoying day ever that feel will fade away when i see the sea or sky. So, my fave color if you asked me is Blue~~! Beside blue, i also like magenta color, i have to always wear something that has magenta color in it. xD Thank you 😀


  9. wiih beruntung deh cici pada, diundang ke ni event, ketemu songsters lgii aaaaa*ngiri*,
    btw love u both ootd and hair there , emang still pretty flawless dahh with anything anywhere ci jess sama ci elle :DD

    my fav' color is PINK (or baby pink), i don't really know why, just love it naturally since im child seriously! its like when i see something(sebuah benda atau apalah gitu) with pink color i will automatically interested with that (seolah2 warna lain itu emang pada ga ada yg sreeek gitu lah, yaaa gi……. ah sudahlah, hope u know what i mean ) ok maybe like…. in my opinion sesuatu with pink is good,beautifully and KAWAII^^

    Email :

  10. Hii.. truth to be told, i love all colors. For me, each of color has its own meaning and represent me in a way. Since i'm moody kinda girl (i go along with my mood at that day :p) so i love all colors..
    But, my top 2 color that i never got tired with is PINK and BLUE !! All pink color from shocking pink to soft pink, me lovin' it!
    For me, pink is the color of joy, love, friendliness, and if i go with soft pink is really calming me down. Since i'm a little girl, everything that i have are in pink haha. Even my glasses are in pink frame till i got in my high school (i wore it since junior high and change my lenses at least 8 times cause i somehow broke my glasses a lot Xp)
    And my other fav color is blue. All that has blue in it, u count me to love it. For me, blue is like sky and i love love love looking at the sky since i knew how to walk. It's just the feeling that u can dream all the way u want to dream, see your standard as high as the sky, and u see that it has no limit and so is your goal. So blue reminds me of that. And blue is super calming, relaxing, refreshing and its one of the color for royalty. Blue is making me feel "you're a princess in a certain way, no matter how bad people treat u, u're still a princess. So just suck it up and act like a princess!"
    so, thats my two top color all the time 🙂

    mail :

  11. I love the blue one!! 青い色大好き!!

    There's a research that said "Blue color can press down our appetite", so people won't have appetite to eat a lot when they have blue color for their dinning room's wallpaper. Nah, nah, I'm just kidding to talk about this. This is only my dream to be skinny like you two ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ ❤
    Why I choose blue because it's my favorite color!! Holy nature color: sky, sea. I like to spend my holiday on nature place. Like on the mountain to lie down and see the blue sky. Then I love to enjoy the wave of blue sea. Blue for me is really a lovely color. It describes me as a independent girl that loves adventures and challenges but still girly. Forever BLUE ❤


  12. Hi Elle & Jess!

    Well, actually I typed a longer comment but it got all gone with the wind after trying to set the 'comment as' thingy. Sigh. I typed on phone so it's quiet hard but tomorrow I'll come back and type the comment from computer hahaha til then, bye♡

  13. Hi again Elle & Jess!!

    It's always a good thing to see close sisters doing things together. I'm currently working hard to improve myself by eating healthy, take care of my skin, body, hair and etc. So yeah, since I only have 4 older brothers whose of course don't know about beauty tips and products I have to search it by myself. That's why I'm here, reading your reviews and tips. Seeing both of you make me a lot more motivated! because your fashion and make up are totally my type~ Ahh, I hope to be beautifull too. Wish me alot of patience because beauty is pain and take a lot of time hahaha

    My favorite color is red.
    Red basically has been together with me since I was a kid. Since I was born, my parent always buy me red-colored things because yay after they finnaly got a daughter after 4 sons and girl=pink but they dislike pink so they give me red instead, That's why I have this strange affection towards that color. That's also the reason why I like Po the best in teletubies and ranger red always seems the most dependable for me hahaha I actually don't really know the meaning behind red color, I like red just because it's the color red itself. But for clothes I usually prefer blue because you need a lot of confidence to use red (which I don't really have for now) hahaha

    So yeah, I hope to see a lot more reviews and tips from you~ Have a nice day! – Jesica

  14. I love white color. White is neutral color but for me it is pop up color. why? because white is a symbol of pure and easily to get dirty on it. same like people. people is like white color at first, but whenever they do bad things, the white color is get a black strain on it.
    Beside that, I love white color because it's make me calm, happy and feel more mature. whenever I wear white clothes, I feel I look more mature; whenever I see something white, it will make me happy and calm.

    Email :

  15. Superb event! I loved the entire details of this colorful event. Thank you so much for posting the photographs here. Anyway, I have also been working in an event management firm. I have got the opportunity to organize numerous events of “Skin Inc”. I had a great time working with them!

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