Faunia Paw Game Review

Paw! P-P-P-PAW!!!
We are addicted to this award winning game called Faunia Paw lately and we want you guys to join the fun!
If you like tile-matching swap puzzle kind of game like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, you’ll LOVE this! Jess remembers that she switched from Nokia to iPhone because she loved playing Bejeweled and Nokia didn’t have the touch screen feature back then lol.
With cute RPG style, this game offers more to the eyes and ears than other games alike. We love the songs and sound effects, they’re really cute and entertaining! And the overall design is EXCELLENT.
We mean, look at the details of these maps! Awesomesauce!
Our favorite battle place: Sky Island. Because it’s sooo pretty in pink and yellow!!
By the way, we were kinda shocked when we found out that this game is made in Indonesia, and more over, one of the graphic designer is Jess’ classmate in college lol, what a small world!! XD However, all aesthetics aside, we wish the overall layout and system could be simplified because we think they’re a bit too complicated for a casual game like this. And we couldn’t help but notice that it takes a pretty long waiting time between games, about 10-20 seconds? But it could be our slow internet connection, though. (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ)
How To Play

First, you can download the game here:
Now, Faunia Paw is a 60 seconds battle kind of game. In this battle, you have to be quick! Match a minimum of 3 orbs as fast as possible to make them pop and disappear. Create as many combos as you can to reach high scores! Now by matching 4-5 orbs, you’ll get shrooms that will help you pop MORE orbs:
SHROOM: Match 4 orbs in a line (vertical / horizontal)
GRENADE SHROOM: Match 5 orbs in two intersecting lines (horizontal AND vertical)

ULTIMA SHROOM: Match 5 orbs in a straight line!

These ‘shrooms’ are the BIG GUNS!! They swap the combos like mad, thus help you reach higher scores, create combos and win the battles! Our favorite is definitely the ULTIMA SHROOM!

Challenge or Fight!
You can challenge your Facebook friends or random people for a battle and vice versa, they could also challenge you!
Click BATTLE on the bottom right and Faunia Paw will find someone for you! When you’re done playing, click ‘Send Challenge’ and it will show up on that person’s Challengers board. When you challenge someone, you have to wait until they fight your battle to see the result.


Pick someone on your Challengers board and click the red ‘Fight’ button! After you’re done playing, click ‘See Result’.
Each time you finish a battle, winning or losing, you’ll get coins and experience, which will help you level up! Level up will unlock features, open up new maps, increase your score AND give you surprises like these:
For power ups like coins, hearts, eggs, avatars… you can win some or buy some! There are plenty of ways actually, and logging in daily is one of them:
ANDDDDD you can also get a really awesome Avatar by playing THE QUEST:
Defeat all the bosses on the right side and you’ll get the prize! Play quickly, though, because this is a timed quest. Different quests are coming every week or bi-weekly so you have to finish it before the time runs out! ;D
Result of Playing Non-Stop!

Play with BOTH HANDS!!

It will definitely make you move faster or at least, one hand would do you random swaps while your eyes are concentrating on the other hand’s swaps.
Faunia Paw download link:
What we wear: GOWIGASA Denim Overall Shorts (available in Light Blue & Blue)
Okay then, thanks a lot for reading, hope you guys enjoy Faunia Paw as much as we do and see you guys on our next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
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