HOW TO: Paper Bunny Ear Headband [Video + Contest]

Hi, everyone!
Few days ago, I created a DIY Paper Bunny Ear Headband and today I’m gonna show you guys HOW! It’s super easy and cheap and I promise you the result is pretty cute. ;D

Yes, I also made a tutorial video on Youtube for this. To watch it, you can click this link ( or simply click play on this video. 😀 ↓


First of, let’s prepare the tools and materials you’ll need to make this craft:






Plain headband
You can find a headband like this almost everywhere! I bought this one for IDR 10,000 (USD 1) at an accessory store in a mall. XD


You can draw the pattern of the bunny ears, or you can just download the pattern I made here:

Download link:
Simply download and print it as your guide. 😀

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 01: CUT
Cut the pattern along the solid line. Do not cut on the dashed line (- – -) because it’s where the fold should occur. There are two patterns here: one is the bunny ears, one is the tie.

Step 02: FOLD
Fold along the dashed lines.

Step 03: Glue
Put the glue on the middle of the fold.

Step 04: Wrap & Glue
Attach the ‘tie’ on the glued surface, then wrap it around the headband. Seal the end of the tie with the glue and stick it. Make sure it really sticks.

Step 05: WEAR
Now that your very own Paper Bunny Ear Headband is done, wear it happily!

Paper Runway Contest

Anyway, Canon is organizing a DIY contest for everyone who loves to express their creativity through fashion called Paper Runway!! It’s basically doing what I did for the Paper Bunny Ear Headband: Creating fashion accessories / outfits with paper. If you love creating fashion stuff, then you should join this contest to have some fun and get a chance to win amazing prizes! 😀

How to Join?
• Go to Application on PIXMA Facebook page and click Like to enter the contest
• Create fashion accessories and/or outfits using paper
• Patterns can be printed out on the papers used to create the outfit and accessories, but do note that using patterns from PIXMA will earn you double votes!
• Go to Application on PIXMA Facebook page to submit your creation
The Prize (worth up to USD$1300)
First Prize ☆
 Canon PIXMA MG 7570 + Canon Powershot N
☆ Second Prize ☆
Canon PIXMA MG 6670 + Canon Powershot S200
☆ Third Prize ☆
Canon PIXMA MG 5670
We’re pretty sure you all know how awesomesauce the printing quality of Canon printer is, especially along with Canon fine-art papers. The colours are magnificent, the characters are sharp, in short—you can easily get the quality of a professional photo lab! \ (๑✧ȏ✧๑) /
Take this opportunity to showcase and express your talent and creativity in fashion and stand a chance to win those amazing prizes! Not only that, your work would be featured on the gallery page of this Paper Runway Campaign on Facebook and be seen by their 830,000 followers. 😀
• Campaign period begins on the 12th of September and ends on the 13th of October 2014
• Winners will be selected 50% by votes and 50% by Canon team
• Please visit PIXMA Facebook page for more details regarding this campaign


Ah….. it’s been a while since the last time I make DIY stuffs. Should do it more often because it makes me so happy! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and will try it yourself! If you do, please let me know because I would really love to see the result. ;D ;D
Okay then, thanks a lot for reading (or watching) and see you guys on my next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada

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