Mazda Fashion Street Paints The Town Red – JFW

Hello! 😀
Yesterday I got invited to this very fashionable event at Senayan City that unlocks the Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, Mazda Fashion Street.
But before I begin talking about the show, I would like to share my unfortunate event with you guys first. It’s relevant with the post, I promise!
When I reached Portico, Senayan City at around 6:30pm, there was already a lot of hustle and bustle going on, so I quickly took my DSLR, wanted to capture the moment.
But after I set the focus and pressed the shutter button, the screen didn’t show the image I captured, instead it showed an error message from the camera:
“Change the Battery Pack”
I was so sure I left it charged all night! Well, I guess someone or Bolu accidentally made it shift so it did not charge at all, fml. So all photos in this post (other than the ones from Mazda Instagram account) credit to my Virgo babe, Stella! ^^
Anyway, the event itself was sensational and I was also excited to meet up with some familiar faces like these lovelies:
L-R: Stella Lee, Clara Devi, Michelle Hendra, Me
So, what is Mazda Fashion Street?
Photo credit: @mazdamotorid
It is a fashion show right before JFW 2015 to promote Mazda’s latest model, the All New Mazda2 which combines bold and delicate design, perfect for the stylish youngsters!
Mazda will also be joining JFW on November 6, 2014 in association with talented designers such as Alex[A]Lexa, Hartono Gan, and Hunting Fields, whose designs are fresh and vibrant, just like the All New Mazda2.
Anyway, as I mentioned above, yesterday’s event was sensational because they did not execute the show in the “normal” way, no. They took it to a whole ‘nother level:
On the street!
Photo credit: @mazdamotorid
The busy street in front of Senayan City to be exact! AMAAAZING!
#OOTD in front of the bold and head-turning Mazda2: Forever21 Turtleneck Cropped Top | GOWIGASA Plaid Skirt and Leather Jacket | Jeffrey Campbell Maroon Boots | Kenzo Shoulder Bag
During JFW 2015 (1st-7th November 2014), Mazda is having a
PHOTO CONTEST with a chance to win amazing prizes up to 10 millions per day!
Take outfit snaps with The All New Mazda2 at Senayan City and
upload it to your Instagram mentioning @mazdamotorid and/or Twitter account mentioning @Mazda2_ID and don’t forget to put the hashtag #Mazda2Alive!
For more information about the contest or Mazda Fashion
Street 2014, visit their website ♡


Good luck! 🙂
Elissa Yamada
  1. Hai, aku disini sebagai silent readersmu. Jarang memberi komentar jika mampir di blog kamu. Pertamakalinya aku memberikan komentar saat mengikuti giveaway kalian ft. Ponds.hehehe
    Ya, ini adalah komentar keduaku.. Aku suka style kamu dan stella di event kali ini. Benar-benar menginspirasiku.

    1. Oh aku lupa mengetiknya

      " Aku sungguh sedih ketika mengetahui battery kameramu itu. Tapi untung saja kamu bisa membagikan fotomu di post blog kali ini. Sungguh menyenangkan melihat event ini, karena bisa bertemu dengan blogger lainnya. Aku berharap dikota Palembang juga sering diadakan event seru seperti ini"

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