MORES Skincare Review

Introducing this new Thailand/Korean beauty products called MORES Skincare from Julie.

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The product is both Thai and Korean FDA approved. From what I get from researching online, MORES is under a company named Better Skin Thailand Co., Ltd. but is made in Korea. I don’t know how to check the registration online for both numbers up there (I googled around and couldn’t find the right sites), so if any of you know how, do let me know and I’ll add it here. ^^


MORES White Booster
Love the pump dispenser! If you’re using both products as a combo like I do, then this one is what you’ll be using first.
↑ Ingredients ↑
How to use:
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The texture of MORES White Booster is lotion-like. Very light, easily absorbed into skin. It has very subtle, pleasant, calming scent. It is not supposed to be a moisturizer, so don’t expect rich, creamy moisturizing effect from it. ^^v
Now, since I never use this alone (I always use it with the Skin Firming Pack), let’s move on to the latter before we get to #JessReviews:
MORES Skin Firming Pack
Gotta say that I found this one VERY interesting because of it’s exaggerated ads lolol:


↑ Ingredients ↑
How to use:
More info from the brochure inside the box (click image for larger view):
// BODY //
MORES Skin Firming Pack has very interesting texture, it’s -believe it or not- KONYAKU or JELLY-LIKE. Look as I scrambled it up there, it reshaped itself within second into the smooth, flat surface. The brochure said that it’s how the Re-Shaping Memory Gel (RSMG) works. Theoretically, as it reshape itself, it lift up your face and tighten your pores (see image up there).
Texture Difference:
After using both MORES White Booster and MORES Skin Firming Pack every night for two weeks, here’s my review:
Do they break you out?
No, they don’t. Super plus point for me.
Do they moisturize your skin?
MORES White Booster: nope. MORES Skin Firming Pack: yes.
As the instruction says, you use the WB first, so it may act as the base serum or light lotion. Then you apply the SFP on top of it to lock in the moisture overnight and give you the nutrients both of them promise.
Does the White Booster brighten your skin?
A bit, I guess. Not very significant to me.
Does the Skin Firming Pack lift up your skin and tighten your pores?
For firming effect, I can’t really tell but pores DO get smaller when I wake up but (no) thanks to Jakarta’s hot and humid weather, they would open up again by noon. TᴗT


For the whole two weeks, I admit I woke up happy every morning because of the bouncy, poreless skin I got from these products. If not because of the hot-n-humid weather in Jakarta, I think it’ll stay that way. I do think that MORES White Booster and MORES Skin Firming Pack will work wonder for those with less problematic skin. Normal skin bearers would love this for nightly maintenance.

Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada
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