Mermaid Curls with Elona Fusilli & Penne | Hair Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

I have always been a hair curlers/straighteners dummy. Never been really able to use it no matter how Elle taught me lol, so every time I was having a photoshoot or an event to attend, I HAVE to go to the salon to get my hair done. Not only it costed more, it was also quite a waste of time, considering Jakarta’s heavy traffic.
Now, thanks to this Elona Fusilli & Penne, I am no longer subjected to such things!
Say hello to (waving) wavy hair!
Elona Fusilli & Penne
So what is this Elona Fusilli & Penne exactly? It’s basically a 2-in-1 auto curler and straightener, which has been my favorite hair styling tool since 2014. It’s very fast and easy to use, even for a hair curler newbie like me, and the result is amazing! It takes me only 10 to 15 minutes to create salon-like pretty hair and now I never travel without it. 😀
Click to watch my tutorial using this baby on Youtube.

↑ Curler mode ↑

↑ Straightener mode ↑
Pretty, Pretty Packaging

Somehow reminds me to Elle and myself hahaha
↑ Features are written on the back of the packaging. Click to enlarge. ↑
Guarantee card for Elle & Jess ♡
↑ Manual Handbook page 1, click to enlarge ↑
↑ Manual Handbook page 2, click to enlarge ↑

Text / Whatsapp: +62 858 1177 1178
LINE: elonaworld
P.S. When you order, quote ‘JESS20‘ and get 20% off!

I’m giving away three Elona Fusilli & Penne for you guys, each will be delivered to your doorstep! How to win? Simply follow Elona on Instagram and leave your comment down here, tell me which hairstyle do you prefer for daily look: straight / wavy / curly? Don’t forget to mention your IG account and email address, okay. (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Three (3) lucky winners will be picked randomly and each will get an Elona Fusilli & Penne!
  • The giveaway will close on September 20th 2015 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone)
  • Winners will be randomly selected and @elonaworld will announce their names on September 21st 2015
  • Winners will be contacted privately via email by @elonaworld
  • This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only
  • The prize will be delivered by @elonaworld to each winners’ address of choice within Indonesia
Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada
  1. I love curly hair style for myself because I do have a very straight hair and it looks very flat without a styling and it makes me kinda desperado with my flat boring hair </3

    That's why I need to get myself a superb interesting hair tool like Elona Fusilli and Penne!

    The packaging is so pretty and classy looking, I can't help myself for not joining this giveaway :D/

    I really wish I could win this giveaway and give a little effortless miracle to my hair #fingercrossed

    Instagram : @vellyanastacia

  2. Of course I prefer curly for daily look. This hairstyle is very describe my personality. It's look like princess hairstyle. I really need hair tool like Elona Fusilli and Penne to make perfect curly. As you know a perfect hairstyle plays an important part of your overall style.
    I hope I can win this giveaway. Thanks^^
    Instagram : defenisianta
    Email :

  3. I love my hair after I curl it. So I definitely love curly hair. But, this look isn't good for daily look because when people see me like that everyday. They will be like okay thats your basic daily hair. So when there comes a party, events or occasion I don't have that powerboost to my gorgeous hair look because people get used to it. Daily hair should be straight and natural. Straight hair will make every girls look younger. And of course straight hair is easy to do. Wish me luck for magic curler elona! Bring my super good hair day on!❤❤❤
    my instagram: @agnesmariia

  4. I'm the type of girl that choose outfit first then move up to the hair hahaha. So i'll match up the outfit with my hair. But personally, i love – with capital L – wavy hair. Just because it's suit most of girls and the easiest one to style (even when you don't have any curler, like me hehehe)plus its make you look younger , i think?
    Also wavy make you look cute, elegant, chic, yet mature at the same time (well, its just my opinion)

    Ig : jesslynnntan
    Mail :
    *finger crossed*

  5. hi ci jess, i like curly hair but i think it's a bit too much for everyday look. so for daily look i prefer wavy hair. But i think straight hair is lovely too. hahaha, i'm such a "plin-plan" girl. karena itu i think, elona fusilli and penne ini perfect bgt buat aku karena bisa coba berbagai macam gaya rambut, mau curly, wavy, atau straight.

    naturally my hair already wavy but it looks like a big mess when i didn't do anything with my hair. so i think, for this elona fusilli and penne will really help me turn my messy hair into something beautiful like your hair. really hope i can win this giveaway ci!

    ig account: @vinnydelta

  6. I prefer wavy hair because it looks natural, can create volume to my hair and make my hair looks neater. I can't use any straightener or curly iron like you so I hope with this elona fusilli and penne, I can style my hair 🙂

    IG: vinsensia_elena

  7. My hair is super long and thick. I really have such a big prob to do hair styling because of that 🙁 So, I usually just leave it without styling and my mom is like "your hair is like sapu ijuk!!". Really, Mom (T,T).
    I'm actually envy so much with girls that can do their hair everyday without struggling for loooooong time like me. I've once done fusilli style curl but gosh, it took about 1 hour done. Why that long, because the thickness and longness *blahhh* of my hair and the curling iron doesn't have good quality. So I must repeated many times to do the curl.
    OK fine, since that day, I'm not doing anything anymore to my hair with curling iron
    Honestly I do do do do do love wavy or curly hair although my hair will end like lion's hair, but I love it. I wish I can have beach wavy hair at least and I think it suits me better than leave my hair like sapu ijuk like my mom said. Lol. Why I like beach wavy hair, because I'm too lazy to brush my hair *kidding*. Ok serious answer is according to me beach wavy hair is damn sexy ❤ I'm not high fashioned girl, so I think that not-neat-beach-wavy-hair look suits me better

    IG: queenno

  8. Curler is a staple item for my everyday look. I have a very thin and straight hair so waves definitely make it appears thicker and more voluminous. Also the fact that it can give both a natural feminine look and an elegant mature vibe without taking too much time is a big plus! 🙂

    IG: erinedelyn

  9. As my hair is soooo straight, I always longing for wavy mermaid hair! Wavy hair gives me that mature look without being too old (with curl hair) or too childish (with my super straight hair). And of course, there's no bad hair day with wavy hair hahaha 😉
    However, all girls are pretty no matter what hairstyle they have!

    Helene [ @xiaohelely | ]

  10. Of course I prefer curly for daily look. This hairstyle is very describe my personality. It's look like princess hairstyle. I really need hair tool like Elona Fusilli and Penne to make perfect curly. As you know a perfect hairstyle plays an important part of your overall style.
    I hope I can win this giveaway. Thanks^^
    Instagram : defenisianta
    Email :

  11. Hi gorgeous!

    I absolutely prefer wavy, it looks natural and helps my super skinny cheek, and long shaped face looks more proportional.
    But to get an ideal wavy, first I usually straighten my upper hair since my hair are kinda messy, then create big curls from the mid to the end.. then by the time, the curls will loosen to a lovely wavy <3

    It kinda takes more time, since I need to use straigtener and curler. So Elona Fusilli and Penne will be very useful for me since it has both of them!!

    IG: @wennykyuuto

  12. I prefer wavy hair..because it gives volume and life! I always wish to have hair like Victoria Secret's Angel. Unfortunately my hair is soo loose and lifeless. I really need magical tool to have the style I want. Looking at Jess hair I know Elona Fusilli and Penne will do the magic. Thank u! 🙂

    Instag : @jejess

  13. I prefer wavy hair for daily look because my hair is zupeeeerrr straight and "lepek" so it looks really boring and not pretty, not compliment my overall look at all. I like wavy because it gives me the effortless look yet charming. Also it gives my hair volume and looks like somebody just "awaken" my hair from death hehe.

    IG: kotakros

  14. Hi Jess & Elle & Elona !

    I prefer wavy look although I have really really straight hair. I can give you 8 perks of having wavy hair!

    1. Wavy hair is super versatile
    With wavy hair, you can wear your hair in so many different styles and it looks fab with accessories like beanies, headbands, head wraps, scarves-pretty much anything and everything!

    2. You stand out in a crowd
    Having a head of bouncy waves pretty much guarantees that you’ll be noticed no matter where you are and that’s a good thing.

    3. Wavy hair is low maintenance
    Unlike curly hair, wavy hair is pretty much easier to take care of.

    4. Your hair is always styled
    One of the advantages of rocking a head of wavy hair is that your hair is always styled and ready to go. Your hair is always on point with lots of volume and personality!

    5. Wavy hair is never boring
    This might sound weird, but wavy hair is just more fun! It’s far from boring because you’ve got waves and volumes and they have such

    6. Fewer tangles
    It’s also less likely to get tangles than straight hair. Straight hair is also known to be more prone to split ends and they’re much more noticeable in straight hair than wavy

    7. You run the world
    The days when your hair is perfectly wavy, not too frizzy and not too pouffy, you truly think you could run the world.

    8. No more "pipi tembem" and shading this and that
    Wavy hair makes your face looks slimmer. Period.

    But in order to get that perfect wavy hair, we need the perfect hair tools too! That's the most important part for someone with super straight hair like me. You know.. a perfect hair tool like.. Elona Fussili & Penne 😉

    IG : mlsyhr
    email :

  15. Athough I love to experiment with hair styles, I find wavy look suits me best ! Personally I believe that all hair styles are beautiful as long it gives you confidence in yourself & I trust Elona fusilli and penne can do the magic ! ✨

    Best regards,
    Jessica ( @jessicakamandhanu , )

  16. I choose wavy hair. Because of the versality of this hairstyle. I love how it fit for many different occasion. It looks pretty and romantic for formal occasion but also looks cute and natural for casual occasion. I love it.

    IG : narista_monica

  17. hi dear, i prefer wavy hair, because wavy hair makes me looks more mature of course…
    because i don't have a hair curler, i always bun my hair before i sleep, so in the morning i have a perfect wavy hair,
    I wish that i have a chance to try Elona Fusilli and Penne to give a natural wavy look to my daily hair 🙂
    Please wish me luck :*

    Warm Regards,

    IG : mamun_house
    Email : or

  18. Hi, dear, I prefer curly hair. because you have tapering face. curly hair make your face cute >,<
    And you have long hair, look girly and graceful.. ^_^
    I think curly hair for daily can't make your hair broken, because elona fusili & penne will keep your hair beautiful and can't broke your hair.
    you look korean artist ><

    Ig: vino_vii
    email :

  19. Hai Jess & Elona,
    Thank you for this giveaway chance
    Hopefully I may win ?

    I have this long straight bonding hair that makes it looks thin and unattractive. I would love to have wavy hairstyle everyday because it will improve my look. It will change me from "Sanchai look" to "Snsd look" ???

    For me, wavy style is elegant, feminine and cute. By using Elona Magical Hair Tool, it will help many girls to achieve their dream hair without broken it.

    IG: Pyonjin

  20. Hallo beautiful jess!
    Actually, i love all of them. Straight, wavy and curly. But my hair was naturally straight. So i'll love to explore my hair with wavy for my daily, and curly for formal moments.
    I know and follow ElonaWorld for long, all of the customers always have a good experience with this magic 2 in 1 curler and straighter because its so easy to used and work so faster.
    I wish that you'll be interesting to give me 1 xoxoxoxo
    Please kindly contact me on:
    Instagram : @ptr_lst
    Email :

    (Ps : I've see you on youtube. You are so beauty)
    God blessed jess, elle and family. Keep health ya ?

  21. I personally love wavy hair(especially Selena Gomez's Wavy Hair), which makes everyone(i think) looks hotter. I do love watching "Wavy-Hair Tutorial on Youtube, Then one day i borrowed my friend's straightener+curler(but not auto). And i always didn't make it. I don't know, is it me who doesn't how to curly my hair or is it the curler that didn't auto like yours(who will be mine too. Amen. Haha)? So the point is, i just let my hair naturally go straight.

    Ig : mezilina
    Email :

  22. Aku komen pake bahasa indonesia ya karena iya aku ga pinter bahasa inggris. Rambutku ga panjang banget, i prefer wavy (tapi bagian bawahnya aja), lebih keliatan bervolume jadinya. Dan karena kalau ga catokan pasti bisa langsung "bad hair day", kayaknya udah kewajiban banget punya catok.

    IG : erlyntvr
    Email :

  23. Hello Ci Elle & Jess,
    I prefer choose wavy hair for daily look, cause its very natural and stylish at the same time. There's nothing go wrong with staying at home all day long or hanging out with friends cause thats really suitable for every situation.
    with wavy hair, you will look stylish even though without makeup.
    Hair is a crown of beauty. It should look well every day.❤
    IG : @karinatheresiaa
    email :

  24. I usually do straight hair for daily look, not because I prefer it actually, it is more because I only have so little time in the morning to style my hair *needs more sleep every morning*

    But seeing how easy and fast Elona Fusilli and Penne works in producing nice curls, I'll do more wavy hair for daily look, as it would make my thin hair looks more volumized and thicker.

    Ig @verinawinata

  25. Wavy hairstyle FTW! Because actually I adore Korean hairstyle so much (which they mostly have wavy hairstyle) and honestly speaking wavy hairstyle makes you look prettier, cuter, and flawless. My confidence boosted up whenever I have this kind of hairstyle (unfortunately I only had my wavy hair just after getting my hair done at salon) so it would be really nice if I can make the wavy hairstyle as daily look with the great help of Elona Fusili & Penne! 😀


  26. Ofcourse wavy hair! Karena wavy hair membuatku jd kepercayaan diriku jd meningkat, membuat aku terlihat lebih fresh, lebih cute, and prettier. Unfortunately rambutku baru bisa kelihatan wavy setelah dicepol, & itupun ga bertahan lama. So, aku harap aku bisa tampil cantik dgn wavy hair setiap harinya dgn menggunakan Elona Fusili & Penne:))


  27. Of course I prefer curly for daily look. This hairstyle is very describe my personality. It's look like princess hairstyle. I really need hair tool like Elona Fusilli and Penne to make perfect curly. As you know a perfect hairstyle plays an important part of your overall style.
    I hope I can win this giveaway. Thanks^^
    Instagram : defenisianta
    Email :

  28. Hi! I do prefer the wavy hair because it makes our looks stunning instantly! ❤️ It gives more volume yet natural to make our daily look effortlessly elegant.

    Anyway, i thought i'm the only one that have the problem to use hair curlers / straightener lol. Everytime i learn from Youtube, friends, and many source, i'm still a dummy with this hair styling tools. Also i have a long limp hair that made my hair cannot 'stay' even after all those hairspray and stuff. So, i can only use the popular 'jepit badai' or simply goes to salon to make my hair wavy and ready to go.

    I feel so relieved to find this post and i hope Elona Fussili & Penne can be my magic wand! Thankyou so much for this opportunity 🙂

    Instagram : ghinaaulia
    Email :

  29. I have missed several post of yours, and today I read your blog and found this post and I was like YEAY! Giveaway! :)))

    I love wavy hair for daily look, but sometimes I love straight hair, btw, I'm looking for a straightener and curling iron and after read your post, I think this Elona Fusilli & Penne suits me ((so I'm joining this giveaway haha :D)) Loving the 2-in-1 auto curler and straightener and also the super cute packaging from Elona.

    Have a nice day and wish me luck for this Giveaway! ❤️

    Instagram: yelnyyy
    Email :
    Blog : Candy After Dinner

  30. Maaf pakai Bahasa Indonesia ya^^ kan giveawaynya Indonesia Region Only, jadi aku comment pake Bahasa Indonesia ya^^ trus karena aku cinta Indonesia *padahal enggak jago bahasa inggris hehe*

    Aku suka tampilan rambut sehari-hari itu Wavy, kenapa? karena tampilan rambut Wavy itu membuat rambut kita terlihat Natural dan awet muda hehe, kalau rambut lurus kelihatan banget kalau lagi enggak rapi, kalo wavy malah keliatan lebih sexy pada saat rambut berantahkan. Kemudian rambut Wavy gampang distyle dengan cara di sisir-sisir menggunakan jari tangan 😀

    tapi, sayangnya rambut aku susah diwavy-in karena selama ini aku pakai alat keritingan yang abal-abal, jadi pas dikeriting rambutnya, hanya keriting sementara, dan rambut jadi kering banget, terus gak praktis deh karena kita yang harus muter alat keritingannya gak seperti Elona punya yang bisa auto rotate. malah bukan rambut yang keriting malah kabelnya yang keriting jadinya huhuhu~ jadi aku mau banget menang 😀 please Choose me to win this giveaway jadi biar keriting rambutku, bukan kabelnya hehehe 😀

    Ig: dictano_

  31. Love your review, Jess ^^ Finally I found a perfect product for straightener and curler in one product. The other brand has brush on their curling iron which I hate the most bcs it always caught my hair :"(

    Also for my daily hairstyle, I prefer curly hair bcs it makes my thin hair very voluminous and chic at the same time also it's easier for me to make my hair into a bun without baby hair all over the place, but sometimes with usual hair curler, I accidentally burn my ear (pls tell me that I'm not the one who burn my ear accidentally :") ) and hurt my hand bcs of the heaviness. Hope this elona fusilli and penne can solve my problems ^^

    Instagram : michelle__angelia
    Email :

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