Jakarta Day Out with Antonio #ItalianGoesLocal!

Earlier this month, we got a friendly invitation from this friendly Italian guy. Apparently he’s traveling around Asia and would love to drop by Jakarta to have some good food and local experiences as part of his #ItalianGoesLocal quest. So, here we are exploring Jakarta for a few hours with him!
Antique Flea Market at Jl. Surabaya
To be honest, this is also our first time here at Jalan Surabaya; a spot in Menteng, Central Jakarta, famously known as a street filled with antiques for sale. We knew this place from Instagram (where else lol) but never got a chance to visit, so while Antonio’s here, let’s visit this tourist spot together, as tourists. (ノ≧▽≦)ノ*:・゚✧

Some photos from Antonio’s Facebook because we were too busy roaming the street that we didn’t took proper pictures of these beauties:

Love how friendly and polite the sellers were.
Wait, Jess DID took this picture ^^ ↓

Read a review about this place from TripAdvisor‟I decided to write this review after visiting an antique store in Kemang in Jakarta where most of the expats live where I saw similar antiques for 3-4 times the price you will find in Jalan Surabaya so it is definitely worth the trip if you want something unique at a good price!”

Elle’s OOTD:  GOWIGASA Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button-Up (Black) | Rakriz White Vest | Love, Bonito Shoes and Bag | H&M Skirt
Antonio said this place has a lot of things reminding him of his childhood..
…we assume that Indonesian and Italian kids share some things in common, then? ^^
Lunch at Talaga Sampireun


Took Antonio to this place because not only the food is awesome, the view is nice as well.


We were seated in one of these ‘saungs’, where we can sit on the floor -like how some locals like to eat, and we can also do fish feeding here on the lake! Fish food is sold for IDR 7000 per pack.


Indonesian food FTW!

Our favorite dish of the day: MUSHROOM SATAY or SATE JAMUR TIRAM. Soooooo freaking delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All three of us couldn’t stop praising it the whole time lol.

Antonio’s cooling off his tongue with Es Kelapa Muda (Chilled Coconut Water) after spicy foods attack. (≧▽≦)づ


Elle does not think they’re that spicy, though. ♪

Jess’ OOTD:  GOWIGASA Teddy Bow Plaid Shirt (Blue) and HW Skirt (Red) | Charles n Keith Bag | Forever21 Shoes


Jess was taking this picture when this woman came through and even though Jess has stopped posing and asked her to just continue passing on, she just stopped there, looking at her phone and… It went on for awhile, so Jess just continued taking pics instead hahaha. Can you sense the awkwardness? X”D
And that’s all for our little Jakarta adventure with our new Italian friend, Antonio! If you want to follow his adventure across Asia, he’s right over here, documenting his #ItalianGoesLocal memories:
Instagram: @antoniotravels
Facebook: /italiangoeslocal
Twitter: @antoniotravels
Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on our next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
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