“BFF is not enough, we want BFFF;

Best Fluffiest Friends Forever!”Introducing CRAFTHOLIC Creatures from Planet Craft:

As you can see each of them has unique characteristics, which one do you think suits your personality best? 😉
A bit info about CRAFTHOLIC: they were created by a Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto and made out of SUPER SOFT material, making them the perfect cuddle buddies! The cute prints in beautiful colours means that they are treats for the eyes too. ♥
Is this how clouds feel like? ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Other than super soft, their material is also hypoallergenic! Meaning they are SAFE for those who have Polyester Allergy (allergic to doll’s hair or plush faux furs) and of course, KIDS! 😉

“We almost forgot how fun it is to have dolls as companions—or even decorations, until we got our hands on Craftholic.”
Reading time 🙂
What makes us love these creatures even more? They are all EASY to WASH & MAINTAIN!
You can wash them using your washing machine (with a laundry net), or hand-wash.
After that you just need to squeeeeze them (thanks to their ‘anti-wrinkle’ material, they’ll be fine! ^^) and then let them have their “sunbathing” time in the sun hehe..
Here’s the size comparison from Medium – Small – Extra Small (and Bolu the Cat ^^):
There are six (yes, SIX) sizes available for the Cushions: XS, S, Kodomo (Junior), M, L, and XL (2 meters tall!), which can be viewed here.
We think each type has different purposes, for example, you can use the XS size for your travel buddy by putting them inside your bag like this:
They are very versatile, really. You can use them as your pillows, cushions, photo props, bolsters, but above all, they are meant to be cuddled! 🙂

As a photo prop ^^

↓ And here’s one for your boyfriend or brother (or you, if you happen to like soccer)…
“Shoot! Craft” edition! ↓

If you are like us, who can’t get enough of them and want to be surrounded by that level of softness everywhere, fret not! Craftholic is not all about cushions, they have a wide range of everyday needs too! Here are some of them from their latest collection, “Relax Craft” ↓
♡ Cosmetic Pouch ♡
Big enough to hold your makeup and skincare products when traveling.


♡ Key Chain (with Strap) ♡
You can chain them together, or separately like this:
↑ One for your bag, and one for your phone (the pink Rab) 😀 ↓
Although the size is very small compared to the cushions, the material is the same—still uber soft!


♡ Slippers ♡
Aren’t these the cutest slippers evarrrr?! They can be used as mops too, lol!
Getting up to these faces will instantly brighten up your day. \(^▽^)/
Apparently we are not the only fans of these slippers, THE Michelle Phan also did a shout-out on her Instagram:
“new mop slippers from Japan! I so happy! ? #kawaii af!”
Watch our video to see so many more of Craftholic cute products! 🙂
There are many reasons why we feel sincerely happy, grateful, and proud to be chosen as Craftholic Indonesia ambassadors. Some of them including:
☆ The high quality of their products. Seriously, if you don’t believe us, go to their store and feel how soft they are! We are positive you’ll be like this:

Anyhow, it is very sad and disturbing that there are some unethical people who unabashedly plagiarize Craftholic and sell the fake items under the name… well, ‘Craftholic’ or sometimes ‘Craetholic’. -_-”

We spotted some of them online and couldn’t help but feeling bad for the people behind the authentic Craftholic brand, especially for the designers:
The reason being, these copycats are not only breaking the law by illegally copying Craftholic designs, mass producing, unabashedly branding it as ‘Craftholic’ (or slightly changing it as ‘Craetholic’), selling and making illegal money out of it, they could also damage Craftholic’s reputation with their counterfeit products because of the inconsistent shape and color designs, poor stitches, different faces, etc.; such manufacturing errors which you will not find in the authentic Craftholic stores worldwide (we all know how strict Japanese are).
Simply put, it’s like looking at this authentic Doraemon:
…with this fake Dora:
It’s just…… not the same. ^^;;;;;

☆ Trip to Tokyo to visit their Harajuku store! Watch our trip here:

☆ Made new friends with Craftholic Indonesia authorised distributors, Stefi and Stefan. Two of the kindest and realest people we’ve ever known. Thank you for trusting us to represent the brand. ♥

☆ …aaand we also got the chance to meet some of our lovely readers!! Yes, we held a Meet&Greet event at the Craftholic Indonesia store which is located at AEON Mall, BSD. That day was very special to us, you girls were very sweet and inspiring. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your thoughts with us!! And thank you, Craftholic, Stefi, and Stefan for making this happened 🙂

The goodie bags prepared for all of us 😀
Our Meet&Greet activity was having dinner together at this Japanese restaurant 😀
Wearing Craftholic Hoodie Blanket.

Again, thank you so much for the fun and unforgettable experience, CRAFTHOLIC!
We LOVE our BFFF ❤

Photographer (for photos taken in Axioo studio): Fen Soong
Videographer: Julius Sathya

♥ AEON Mall BSD City #2-29, Jakarta
♥ Paris van Java RL #D-09, Bandung
Website: www.craftholic.id
Online Store: shop.craftholic.id
Twitter: @CraftholicID
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