Benefit Launches on Luxola | Review + Swatches

I first encountered Benefit during my trip to New York on 2009. I was instantly attracted to their retro, iconic, super cute graphic designs – decorated with humorous and creative names and taglines on each of their products. I remember I stood on their counter for a looong time, just to browse all of their products with amusement. I ended up buying some of their products AND collecting their catalogs.
I believe by now, most of us are familiar with this sassy brand which originated from San Fransisco in 1976. Well, guess what, Benefit is now available online for the first time and exclusively on ~YAY!!


The minute Luxola asked me to collaborate with them regarding Benefit launch on their website, I said yes! They asked me to pick four products to review and they delivered it within that day because I was going abroad in a few days (thanks, Luxola!). Each items were carefully bubble-wrapped and all put together into this bigger bubble-wrapped packaging for extra safety. 🙂

As for the products, I chose these babies:

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash | CORALista | Big Beautiful Eyes | Benebalm
Since I adore their products, some of you might notice that two of these items have made appearance on this blog, guess which two? ^^ #satisfiedcustomer #comingbackformore
Big Beautiful Eyes
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Big, Beautiful Eyes. What a tagline, I’m sold.
Actually, this was one of their products I bought in my 2009 NY trip ANDDD I still use it til now hahaha (cheapo!). So now that I found this on Luxola, I decided it’s time to bid farewell to the 2009’s and say hello to the 2015’s. Ahhh feeling sentimental here.

Um, before you freak out, it’s actually okay to keep your powder, bronzer, blush or eye shadow up to 7 years. At least according to Sir John Bennet, Beyoncé’s make up artist. 😉 Concealer’s only good for 6-12 months, though. But I don’t really use it so it’s fine by me.

Read the full article here:

Moving on to how I use this Big Beautiful Eyes kit:

This set consists of:
1. Boi-ing concealer
2. Alabaster pink eye shadow
3. Cocoa shimmer eye shadow
4. Rich chocolate eye shadow
& Concealer brush + Double-ended contour/liner brush + Mirror
• If you have dark circles, use the concealer brush with #1 to conceal it
• Under your lower eyelash, dab #2 with your finger to create an ‘aegyo sal’ (smiling eyes) ^^
• On your lower lash line, apply #4 with the liner brush. This will enhance your eyes, make them more poppin’
• If you think #2 is not enough for your aegyo sal, combine #3 and #4 with the liner brush and pat it on your aegyo sal line. Apply carefully (you don’t wanna make it look like you’re sleep deprived) and blend it with your finger
• On your eyelids, apply #3 and #4 with the contour brush to make your eyes look bigger and deeper
• Finish with an eyeliner if you want to ^^

I super love this Big Beautiful Eyes kit because it’s super super super useful. It’s also highly pigmented so as you can see on the comparison pic up there, I can’t even finish it after 6 good years because every time I use it, I only have to use very small amount of it. The colors are also very basic and covers what I need for my daily eye makeup look AND it comes with a mirror and super nice brushes! Definitely a must have!

Roller Lash
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Anyway, this Roller Lash is bomb!
I think it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used, no kidding. It’s super… crisp, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t clump, it lengthens my lashes and makes it look bolder and sharp yet it gives very natural look. I know it says that I don’t need lash curler with this mascara because of its patent pending ‘hook n roll brush’, but my lashes are very ‘down to earth’, literally, so I still need to use an eyelash curler before using this mascara for maximum result. Oh, another plus point is this mascara is very easy to remove, making it super nice for daily use because less rubbing = less wrinkles!


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Next, I have this CORALista blush.

From my extensive research on blush ons, I conclude that my cheeks LOVE coral pink because it turns my dull skin into warm, sunshine loving skin, and this CORALista blush is just perfect for me! I love that it comes with this cute, soft tropical-like brush (the wooden holder + white brush reminds me of a coconut!) and a tiny mirror inside of it. So practical! Simply swirl the brush on the blush and apply it on your face. I use it mostly on the apples of my cheeks, a little bit on my nose, and a lil bit more on my forehead to make my skin radiates with healthy flush.

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So far the best tinted lip balm ever, seriously.

Ever since I tried this one last year, I ‘cheated’ around by trying another tinted lip balms and so far, none beats this one. Benebalm‘s pinkish red color is so natural, yet it still pops out on your lips. Although it fades rather quickly (bummer) so I have to reapply it pretty often. Hydration is nice and I looooove the feminine rose scent. I wore out my first Benebalm in a year and now that I have it again, I always carry this on my purse again! ^^ You and me, Benebalm, you and me.


Luxola x Benefit

Anyway, back to the good news that Benefit is now available online on
It’s no secret that I love shopping online, maybe more than I do offline. It’s because most of the time -ladies listen to me- you can buy things so much cheaper online. Yeah, online stores always have these special discounts / promotional items / coupons / free samples / free shipping / free gifts / online-only sale / etc. etc. So next time you wanna buy something offline, make sure you browse first before you take out your wallet. 😉
The only thing that turns me off when shopping online is when the store looks… suspicious. Like, how can I be sure that my money will be exchanged with the things I ordered? Is it ready stock? If it’s a PO (pre-order), when will my things arrive? Is it authentic? What if it’s fake? Well, with, once you make your order, you can just sit back, relax and wait for your package to arrive because they only sell 100% original, BPOM-certified, ready stock products. Totally trusted. Not to mention the constant promotions on their website and the super safe packaging which makes sure your products arrive safe and sound. 😀
Now, it’s time for a treat! Join the Giveaway on my Instagram to win the best selling Roller Lash mascara worth IDR 340k and Get 15% OFF when shopping at with this code:
*Valid until 20 November 2015 for first time users, not valid with other promos and non-discountable brands
Outfit: Tiffany Bow Pleated Dress from GOWIGASA
Okay then, that’s all for today, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada
  1. Lucu banget packagingnya <3 Eh, beneran tuh boleh disimpen 7 tahun? Umm, syukur deh aku soalnya "awet" banget kalau pakai makeup, soalnya jarang dipakai, hihihi. Kamu cantik kaya biasanya 🙂 x

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