Tokyo DisneySea Feb ’15 Outfit

#OOTD: GOWIGASA Babe Sweater (Soft Pink) | Uniqlo Baby Blue Turtleneck (HeatTech) and Red Trousers | ZARA Pink/Magenta Coat | Madewell Bucket Bag | Dr. Martens Creepers | DITA Sunglasses | Uniqlo Baby Blue Socks
Yes, I am late.
This is a throwback outfit when I went to Tokyo DisneySea early this year, lol. Hope I can blog about the magical place itself! It’s just… too many photos to select and edit hahaha /cry.
These are some previews in case you missed them on Instagram ^^:
Anyway, we will travel again tonight! Can you guess where we’re heading? 😉
  1. OMG, i kinda have a hunch that you will be back to Japan again when you post this. Then, I saw your instagram feed later and *boom … it's true* it's okay to post this! Better late than never right? I really felt you …. because I also have too many photos to edit and post after my trip to Japan. When you have the time, please do blog about this place itself too 🙂

    Have a nice autumn trip!

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