How to Get Wi-Fi ALL DAY LONG in Singapore! | Changi Recommends Wifi Router Review

If there is one thing we could grant as the Best Invention Ever, it would be the one and only: Internet. Whether or not you agree with us, we think it’s safe to say that each and everyone of us know how useful internet really is, how it makes our life so much easier (and lazier, ha!)
Now, when it comes to Travel -which is one of our most enjoyable things in life, internet also comes in handy. Jess has described about this on her
Long story short, internet always helps us before we travel AND during the trip itself. And of course, beside for using all the helpful apps up there during our trip, we need it to keep in touch with our family, clients, customers and employees. PLUS, internet is die die needed for us to share anything on our social media accounts. #firstworldproblem #buthey #aproblemisaproblem
Question is, HOW do we get internet connection while traveling?
Most popular options would be to:
– get a local sim card and apply for data package,
– borrow a cafe’s or your friend’s internet connection OR
– our favorite option: get a Portable Wifi

As Jess mentioned up there (on her post), we prefer Portable Wifi because it’s a lot simpler and one router can be used by many devices at the same time. So you can use it with your family and friends (and share the fee as well :b ), OR you can connect it to your phone, laptop, iPad at the same… ah, you geddit.

Okay, so, without further ado, let us introduce you to:

Our internet hero in Singapore!
How To Use?
Steps to Connect to the Internet using the Wifi Router
1. Turn on the router: Press and hold the button until the screen lights up
2. Proceed to Settings on your mobile device and ensure that your Wi-Fi function is on
3. Connect to the network that matched the router’s SSID and enter the Wi-Fi key (password):
Both the Wifi SSID and Key are on the back side of the router.
…And that’s it, you’re connected to the world!
Chat / call / work / play / browse anything, anytime, anywhere!
Dunno where to go? Just browse leh.
Got high speed 4G internet connection for what? *pls excuse our sudden singlish*
Google Search – TripAdvisor – Google Maps… All checked, all connected nice and steady. Seriously, the internet connection is really good (fast and stable), at least compared to Indonesian internet. It’s no big surprise, though. According to this rating system, out of 167 countries rated, Singapore is the 19th country with best internet connection while Indonesia is the 108th. *silent cry*
Found a nice spot on the road and want to update it live to Snapchat?
No problem, thanks to Changi Recommends Wifi Router!
The small router is very lightweight, you can put it in your pocket or simply carry it in your bag.
Need to check on your bank account immediately?
Even with ‘No Service’ sign, you get the full Wifi signal, so just do it loh. ^^
Tips n Trick
When you collect the router, you will be given this maroon bag.
Inside it is a plug-in charger with a usb cable, and the router itself.
P.S. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome, Priscilla! We really enjoy the router, thanks! 😀
Do note that if you use the router non-stop (like we did), the battery tends to run out pretty fast.
Now with the plug-in charger, you can use it to charge the router when you stay for a pretty long time in a cafe, restaurant, salon, massage parlour, etc. We also recommend you to charge your router overnight so you can use it the next day with full battery.
We bring our own powerbank (which is a crucial stuff for us) with its own cable, so we left the charger at the hotel and use this instead to charge the router when needed.
Or if you bring your own laptop like Elle did, and all you wanna do is to watch a movie in a cafe, well, you can simply charge the router by plugging in the USB cable to the laptop. And yes, the unlimited, high speed Wifi also means that you can binge streaming online, undisturbed. ^^
How To Collect
You can easily spot Changi Recommends booths when you step outside the Arrival Hall at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1, 2 and 3:
↑ Changi Recommends Booth at Terminal 2 ↑
You can rent the router directly at the booth, or even better, you can RESERVE 3 days in advance via their website (use code ‘ELLEJESSSGWIFI‘ to get a special online rate of SGD9/day if you travel by end of June 2016. The reservation form is here and have to be made at least 3 working days (72 hours) prior to departure date):

…and collect it at the booth when you arrive at the airport, hassle-free:

↑ Changi Recommends Booth near the check-in area at Terminal 2. ↑
You can return the router here before going to the Departure Hall. 😀


Anyway ^^


During our last trip to Singapore to visit the Trick Eye Museum (before this one), we already used this router actually! So when Changi Recommends contacted us to review this super useful thing, we said yes immediately! #SatisfiedCustomer

(Jess) At the end of that trip, when I wanted to return the router, I FORGOT THE MAROON BAG!!! The bag was inside my big suitcase which was already checked in to the flight – before I got into the departure hall. T_______T Got too convenient using it til I almost forgot to return EVEN THE ROUTER when my flight was ALREADY BOARDING… T__________________T
So what happened next was, I rushed to the nearest Changi Recommends booth (which is the one at the Terminal 1 Departure Hall, near Omega Watch), returned the router to the girl in the booth and told her about my situation (forgot about the maroon bag + charger AND my flight was already boarding). She was very helpful and quickly let me know that I need to pay SGD 50 for the replacement cost of the charger. She said that I can claim the SGD 50 back when I return the charger later (she also told me that I can ship it to their address if I prefer to, but I told her that I would be back to Singapore, so I’ll return it by that time, which I fortunately did ^^;). So I paid SGD 50 in cash, got the printed receipts, and managed to catch my flight. *phew*
Fast forward to the picture above ↑, I returned the maroon bag and the charger, and the girl (different with the one who helped me before, but she was also very helpful and fast ^^) asked me to fill in a form, and now I just have to wait for the refunded SGD 50.
So, in case you forgot to return the items like I did, you know what to do. ^^;;;;;; Overall, the collecting-returning process is hassle-free and we are very satisfied with both Changi Recommends‘ service and product!

↑ Booth locations and opening hours ↑

For more information about the Wi-Fi router and Changi Recommends, click here

Special for our readers

RESERVE 3 days in advance here via their website and use code ‘ELLEJESSSGWIFI‘ to get a special online rate of SGD9/day (normal rate = SGD10)!! This code is valid until June 30, 2016. The reservation form is here and have to be made at least 3 working days (72 hours) prior to departure date.

Okay guys, we hope you find this post useful. Til next time! 😀


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