NIVEA Make Up Clear Review + Selfie Challenge

Hello everyone, we are back at it again with a beauty review! 😀
Some of you might have seen this product from our Instagram accounts…
Hint: No Makeup
YES! It’s a makeup remover PLUS cleanser (2in1) from NIVEA!
As surprising as it may sound, not everyone knows that double cleansing (i.e. cleansing milk/oil + face wash) is a must to properly clean your make up. Face wash alone won’t be able to completely remove your make up, and THAT, my friend, is very highly possible to cause acne, premature skin aging, and the list goes on and on. Also, if you ever wonder why your skincare doesn’t work as it claims, yep, it might also be because you put it on top of a not-so clean surface.


Now that you get the gist of it, let us introduce you to NIVEA Make Up Clear!


The packaging comes in a simple white tube form and each tube contains 100 gr, which means ideal for travel! We always bring a makeup remover when traveling (especially during long flights) to freshen up and to keep our skin healthy. 😀
There are four variants of NIVEA Make Up Clear to choose from:
L-R: Foam for Oily Skin – Foam for Normal Skin – Mud for Oily Skin
(Another one is a Scrub type – not in the picture)
The textures.
Jess: I tried the mud variant twice and had some breakout after both attempts. It quite confused me because right after I used it, I wiped my skin with a cleansing oil which I usually use, and saw no residue at all on the white cotton pad; which means, it cleans my face really well. I honestly think that the only reasonable cause must be my super sensitive skin which is allergic to one of the ingredients in this product, because I read a lot of reviews about this and most of them are positive – they love it.

I suggest if you have a super sensitive, acne prone skin like me, go for the foam ones. I tried both the oil and normal version, both didn’t break me out and they cleansed just as well as the mud one. Or if you insist on trying this mud version, you might wanna try it on one or few parts first; perhaps your forehead or chin, and see how it goes.
Elle: I didn’t try the mud variant, because we have a very similar type of skin,Jess: -_-

Elle: ^^; …so I just tried the Nivea Make Up Clear White – Foam (the pink one) variant and it didn’t break me out at all. 🙂

(This is for the Nivea Make Up Clear White – Foam. Each variant has its own way of cleansing which you can see here)
1. Apply on your skin by gently massaging in a circular motion using wet fingertips for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Avoid the eye area (use eye makeup remover for your eye makeup).

Optional: You can also wet your face first with warm water before applying this product.

2. Rinse off with warm water. Make sure you there is no cleanser left.


We usually follow up with a facial cleanser just to make sure it’s really clean lol. But it’s optional.
Why We Love It


Just like the tagline says, “Makeup bersih tanpa residu kurang dari 5 menit” (no residue in under 5 minutes)!
It really cleansed the whole makeup (except for eye makeup) with no residue left in just ONE time cleansing. This is the proof:

↑ After using NIVEA Make Up Clear, we tried wiping our skin using a cleansing makeup we usually used, and as you can see, there was no residue left!


We were very impressed (and surprised) because every time we use a water-based makeup remover, it usually takes 2-3 cotton pads to remove the whole makeup! So, this NIVEA Make Up Clear is really a time saver. ❤

IDR 28,000/tube
(verrry affordable right!!)
NIVEA is having an interesting selfie challenge for a limited time (til 15 May 2016 only):
You can get Make Up Hampers worth IDR 2,000,000 each and 1 of 10 lucky winners will get an exclusive day with the famous Make Up Artist, Bubah Alfian!
Let’s join the challenge! For more info about the terms and conditions, click here 🙂
    1. Yes, you can try the pink one! 🙂
      Hahaha no, we only do 4-5 steps (remove makeup – cleanser – toner sometimes – moisturizer – night cream). Moisturizer is very important, especially for dry skin!

  1. Aku sudah lama menggunakan produk nivea khususnya facial foam yang sparkling white setiap kali cuci wajah dengan itu wajahku berasa bersih, kotoran terangkat dan kulit wajah semakin hari semakin cerah saja hihi <3<3

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