Not All Stress is Bad

Yesterday, I just learned that apparently there are different types of stress, and I think it’s very helpful and important for us to be able to identify each characteristic of stress, so we know what we are dealing with and how to handle it when we got stressed:

1. Good Stress or Eustress >> The type of stress when we feel excited and/or nervous. They help us grow and keep s feeling alive, e.g. first date, starting a new career, learning new skills, rollercoaster ride.Without Good Stress, our life will be dull.
>> Symptoms: Adrenaline rush, sweaty palms

2. Acute Stress >> The most common type – this is what we normally think of as “stress”, e.g. deadline/test, giving a public speech, small car accidents. It’s not harmful if we can find ways to relax quickly.>> Symptoms: anger, sadness, headaches, constipation, shortness of breath
We can actually change Acute Stress into Good Stress by changing our perception of what triggers our stress: See them as CHALLENGES instead of threats, because the fear would then turn into excitement! In other words, learn to be an optimist! 😀

3. Chronic Stress >> This is what we really have to worry about. It comes when a person never sees a way out of a miserable situation, e.g. a desperate financial situation, being trapped in an unhappy marriage or in a despised job or career, episodic acute stress (acute stress yang terjadi hampir setiap hari)>> Symptoms: anxiety, depression, heart disease, weight gain, memory issues, high blood pressure
Jadi, ketika kita mengalami Good and Acute Stress, what happens in our body is: our pulse quickens, we breathe faster, our muscles tense, out brain uses more oxygen – ini semua sebenarnya functions yang bisa membantu kita untuk SURVIVE.
Sedangkan dalam Chronic Stress, those same life-saving responses in our body can suppress immune, digestive, sleep, and reproductive systems, yang bisa lead ke hal-hal yang lebih berbahaya, seperti cancer dan suicide. Makanya sebelum sampai ke tahap ini, kita harus sebisa mungkin CUT OFF sumber2 Chronic Stress di hidup kita, do self-care activities, and of course, get support!
Remember that it’s normal to feel stress from time to time, but we have to take it seriously when our stress levels reach our mental, emotional and physiological limits where we can no longer function effectively and it impacts our lives negatively.


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