Girl’s Doll Festival and Strawberry Dessert Buffet at KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO

Finally, after two years, I had the chance to visit Tokyo again with my mom! The last time we had our Japan trip together was in 2017 for a Coldplay concert (mom was tagging me and Jess along hahah), too bad Jess couldn’t join us this time as she had to take care of her newborns (still feels weird saying that).
Anyway, this time we stayed at various places (lots of packing and unpacking, I’m telling you), and one of them was KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO which is located strategically in Shinjuku, the commuting capital of Tokyo.
Upon arrival, we were greeted by this gorgeous doll display at the lobby:

As it turns out, my trip coincided with Hina-matsuri or Girl’s Doll Festival, a Japan’s annual tradition for family members to pray for the happiness and health of the girls in the family! It was actually celebrated on March 3rd, but thankfully, KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO hosts this exhibition in the whole months of February and March every year to help travelers around the world better understand Japanese culture. So, make sure you pay a visit if you are in Tokyo during this period! 🙂

↑ 3.3 meter high hanging decorative art ornaments in the third floor main lobby area to welcome guests.
(Pic cr:

Actually, I first learned about Hina-matsuri from Detective Conan manga many years ago. That’s why seeing a multi-tiered doll stand (Hina-kazari) in person for the very first time freaked me out a bit. ??

 Not only Hina-kazari, KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO was also decorated beautifully with 6,800 hanging doll ornaments which were meticulously hand stitched from old silk kimono garments by renowned quilt artist Mitsuyo Matsuo and the 90 members of her Himawari Group of artists.

 Each handicraft has their own symbolic meaning, for example, Turtle expresses the wish that children enjoy a long life, and Pillow symbolizes children who sleep well grow up healthily. 🙂

Other than the magnificent display, guests can also enjoy Strawberry Dessert Buffet at KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO’s All Day Dining Restaurant “Jurin” located on the second floor until the end of March 2019!

There were up to 30 types of Strawberry desserts, such as shortcakes, tarts, cupcakes, and parfaits that were just as delicious as they were kawaii! The price is JPY4,300 per adult, JPY2,600 per child, including drinks.

This special dessert buffet was held as a celebration of Hina-matsuri and also the arrival of spring, as strawberries are the most symbolic spring fruit in Japan. If you go to Japan, please do try their strawberries (at any time, in any season – they are the BEST)! ?

The room I stayed in which features a flat-screen TV, free W-Fi and views of Shinjuku:

We both chose ‘Japanese Breakfast’ for our breakfast (there was also an American breakfast option), and it was yummy, especially the Chawanmushi! ↓

As for lunch, we had a Sakura-themed menu at one of KEIO PLAZA HOTEL TOKYO’s restaurants, KAGARI ↓

This menu is only available for Cherry Blossom Season, and every dish from appetizer to dessert was delicious! They also presented it with edible flowers ?

Address: 2 Chome-2-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-8330, Japan (9-minute walk from Shinjuku Station)
Tel: +81333440111

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